WoW Patch 5.1 Incoming 11/27

Blizzard readies the first Mists of Pandaria content update

What's that sound you hear off in the distance? Why, it's the whistle of the Blizzard express train, and it's pulling into Patchville station tomorrow morning, November 27th, to deliver World of Warcraft 5.1 to players everywhere.

Sticking to their promise of more frequent content updates, the 5.1 patch comes just two months after the release of Mists of Pandaria. This, by any standard, is quick for a content update of this size. But measured in Blizzard units, it's damn near time travel.

In another death-defying feat of time travel, Blizzard announced that their Cyber Monday deals will now be extended to Thursday. This means you can snag Mists of Pandaria for just $20 bucks until midnight PST on Thursday.

Instead of typing more words,  I'll instead simply direct you to Wowhead's coverage of 5.1. And make sure you keep it locked over there, as they'll be posting a comprehensive guide to the entire 5.1 patch tomorrow.

See you all in Azeroth!

Bill "Lethality" Leonard


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