The BFF Report - Episode 126: PlanetSide 2

Mike B aka Fony takes an in-depth look SOE's F2P MMOFPS

You know him as Mike B aka Fony and he's back with another edition of The BFF Report. This time, he gives us his take on the state of PlanetSide 2. While he's already delivered a report on the beta, he's now got hundreds of hours of game play under his belt to go from.

He kicks off with character creation, and then goes straight into lamenting the tutorial, which seems to be a near-universal opinion of players' first exposure to the game. To be fair, he does note that being dropped into the fire right off the bat isn't a bad way to earn your stripes (or certs, as the case may be.)

I don't want to spoil any more of the good stuff for you here, so kick back and give it a look. Then, let Mike know your own thoughts on PlanetSide 2 over in the comments.

And if we bother him just enough, maybe he'll do a very special holiday episode of The BFF Report.


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