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Chromosome ties EVE Online corporations and economy to DUST 514

It's funny... We were *just* talking about this the other day in the ZAM Newsroom, then BLAM! All of a sudden, today CCP throws us a bone - and a meaty one at that.

As you may have heard, DUST 514 -- CCP's upcoming free-to-play shooter for the PlayStation 3 -- is going to connect directly to New Eden and in fact share that same universe with EVE Online. This means players in one game will be able to communicate and cooperate (or kill) players in the other game.  

Up until now we haven't heard many details, much less had an in-game showcase of the tech. That's all changing with the latest patch to DUST 514 entitled "Chromosome." This patch finally brings the ability for players in DUST 514 to join corporations in EVE Online, and also participate in the economy. This is no small step forward as detailed by DUST 514 creative director Atli Már Sveinsson:

"One of the most unique features you will see in Chromosome, however, is the ability to request off-map support from players on our test servers in EVE Online. With this feature, DUST mercenaries will be able to coordinate devastating bombardments with EVE pilots in space ships in planetary orbit. These Orbital Bombardments have the capability to dramatically change the tide of battle, and we'll be testing them thoroughly in the weeks to come."

"Chromosome" is the final DUST 514 patch before the game heads into open beta, so things are definitely moving along. 

From where I'm sitting, this is absolutely the most innovative MMO feature happening right now. Put it this way: I bought a PlayStation 3 just for this game, and to experience it all together. 

You know, if this works out, maybe we'll see similar efforts from other developers down the road. I'd sure love to take my Azerothian rogue on a tour through the world of Sanctuary, after all.

This, my MMO friends, is the moment we've all been waiting for.

Bill "Lethality" Leonard

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