Let The Heavens Rain Down

CCP takes DUST 514 to Tranquility, the live server that powers EVE's New Eden

The official DUST 514 launch is almost here (we think), and CCP has just taken a major step in bringing New Eden to a whole new audience. As of today, all DUST 514 beta players have been migrated to Tranquility, the single sever that powers the live EVE Online universe.

"For the first time in history, two games unfold in a single universe, and now DUST 514 and EVE Online also occupy a single server: Tranquility. Find out what this historic connection means for your DUST 514 career in our latest developer blog: "Welcome to New Eden."

EVE Capsuleers will be happy to know they can start unloading onto the planets that the ground forces of DUST 514 inhabit. But there's a lot to learn, so CCP has posted a handy FAQ to guide you. Currently, the ground forces cannot return fire, but that won't always be the case:

 "In the current iteration, DUST mercenaries have no way of returning fire at EVE players in orbit."

It goes without saying that DUST 514 isn't just a new game, but opens up a whole new way of playing EVE Online as well. If the chatter in the ZAM newsroom is any indication, there will be quite a few MMO players headed out to buy a PS3 just to check out this revolutionary game.

Bill "Lethality" Leonard 

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