The Beast(s) Within

City of Steam dev team takes us on a tour of the bestiary

Mechanist Games has released the latest in what promises to be a meaty series of dev blogs surrounding their steampunk MMORPG, City of Steam. This time around, we get a look at the bestiary.

What is a bestiary you ask? If you're reading this, you probably already have some idea, but here's how Mechanist looks at it:

"We all want to know what we’re up against, be it big, small, deadly and/or cute (the cute ones always lure you into a false sense of security…smart). This is often pretty clear from information available in the game itself. When you encounter a lizard guy called Orbolg Foreman that is carrying around a big mace, he’s probably going to hit you with it… pretty hard. What you might not know, however, is how he fits into the world and how he works together with his other Orbolg comrades; this is where the Bestiary comes in pretty handy."

The system itself is divided in Bestiary, which catalogues individual creatures and Species which details the families they're in. But don't take our word for it, you can check out the online bestiary right here!

City of Steam is currently still in beta, but is expected to release this year.

Bill "Lethality" Leonard


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