Tribes Ascend Game of The Year Edition

One of the most fast paced first-person shooters just got better. Earlier today Hi-Rez Studios released details and patch notes for their Tribes Ascend:Game of The Year addition, which adds a ton of updates to the game. These updates include:

*Three new capture the flag maps

*Three new Arena maps

*A new weapon called the "Shocklance" available to all classes

*Two new skins

*Various bug fixes and balancing changes

Additionaly with this update, comes the "Tribes Ascend: Game of The Year Package". This package is a one time purchase that unlocks all gameplay impacting items including over 100 weapons, all 9 classes and all 21 perks. To top it all off, VIP's get an additional discounted price on this package.

While no set price on this has been confirmed, it's important to note, that all of the items included  can still be earned simply by playing the game. Free-to-play players will still have access to everything in this update, that they would normally have access to, including the additional maps. Below is the Tribes Ascend:GOTY Katabatic trailer released with this announcement.


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