Vendetta Online Possibly Adding a F2P Tier?

Vendetta Online creator talks about potential risks and rewards for a potential new F2P tier.

Guild Software, the developers of the sci-fi MMO Vendetta Online, have plans to expand their platforms to current IOS and handheld devices via backing from Kickstarter. With this Kickstarter expansion to their game however, it seems like they may also be considering adding a new free-to-play option along with their current $9.99 per month subscription model.

While nothing has been set in stone, it seems like the recent Kickstarter movement for Vendetta Online had fans requesting a free-to-play model. Guild Software founder, John Bergman, had this to say:

"As anyone familiar with our industry knows, there are challenges and trade-offs in moving from an existing subscription model to one with a different set of parameters. From the viewpoint of a small and independent game company, there is great risk if the subscriber revenue should drop off before another form of revenue appears to replace it. Of course, many benefits are also apparent, in the form of greater player counts, with a more lively and populous universe that results, along with potentially higher long-term revenues."

He goes on to say, "If our Kickstarter succeeds, we will offer a free-to-play access tier before the end of the year..."

The model John Berman talks about essentially allows free-to-play players access to the game with limited access to certain features, such as creating guilds, and certain endgame content restrictions. Subscribers will have no limitations, similar to models we sometimes see in other free-to-play titles.

For more information on this possible upcoming free-to-play tier for Vendetta Online, head over to the official post made by John Bergman over on the Vendetta Online Kickstarter page where you can also donate to the cause. For more information on the game it self, head over to the official Vendetta Online website .



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