Defiance: Infection!

Plague Sieges Hit Defiance

A night spent playing Defiance is always fun, but when you combine it with three friends a night spent playing Defiance becomes a thrilling experience you’re left wanting to repeat.

From co-op maps to arkfall chases, the action is a rollercoaster ride of endorphin saturation. I just love how this game encourages teamwork while also supporting solo play. Not only that, but it’s a game you can enjoy at your leisure.

I come from World of Warcraft, where every day that I don’t log in I feel guilty for not doing my dailies or capping my valor. Defiance, however, is instant gratification designed for longevity. More story is added with each TV episode, ensuring plenty to do and enjoy each week. I get an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and value for money every time log on, and I know my friends do too.

This week Trion Worlds kicked it up a notch by introducing ‘plague sieges’ into the game – dynamic events centred around dealing with an outbreak of zombilific proportions. Witness one such event here, where I experience first hand the latest adrenaline rush Defiance has to offer.

Are you playing Defiance yet? Come and join in on the carnage!

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Awesome stuff
# Jun 08 2013 at 9:37 AM Rating: Decent
I am loving it and have to agree the new siege mode is one big adrenalin rush, i just cant get enough of em. Just a shame that it only spawns once n hour though. You do get ppl that just go by the score board that appears at the end always wanting to be top, for me doesnt matter realy that much where i end up as im having so much fun in this slug fest. Cant wait to see what we will be up against once the inficted are removed, think they announced that the inflicted will only be in defiance for a few weeks and as we know the siege mode will remain. So my Question for any Defiance players is which race do you want to go up against the most??
Very cool
# Jun 07 2013 at 5:26 PM Rating: Decent
Always can count on Q to bring us some crazy cool story.
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