Lord of the Rings Online: Helm's Deep

The beta for Helm's Deep has begun and changes are coming to Burglars.

Lord of the Rings Online kicked off Helm's Deep beta on Friday, September 5. A wave of invites along with a reminder to not talk about beta were sent out the day prior. Helm's Deep will be the fifth expansion for the game and is expected to launch in Fall 2013.

One of the changes coming to Helm's Deep is to the Trait Tree (pictured here). According to Sapience, the LotRO Community Manager, "The skills on the left unlock as you progress through the trees. They're not gated by Turbine Points."

With class changes incoming, a Developer Diary entry was released regarding the Burglar class. RockX discusses how he focused on making the three roles unique with focused gameplay. Head over to the official site to check out all of the Burglar class changes.


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