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Siege of Orgrimmar's third wing is open for business!

This week the third wing of World of Warcraft's Siege of Orgrimmar opened for LFR and Flex, introducing boss encounters Malkorok, Spoils of Pandaria and Thok the Bloodthirsty. 

There have been a lot of disparaging reports from players regarding the LFR difficulty being too high for the previous wing, but Flex is certainly doing well. My guild cleared Galakras, Iron Juggernaut and the Kor’kron Dark Shaman in one night after an initial struggle on Galakras, but what a fun event it was! 

Nostalgia levels were high as the encounter reminded us greatly of the introductory battle to Mount Hyjal from The Burning Crusade. Iron Juggernaut is a rather fun encounter too, with a fantastic boss model that’s also a mount obtainable from Heroic Garrosh Hellscream. 

As for the Kor’kron Dark Shaman…ugh. What a mess of void zones, poison streams, killer slimes and elementals. As a tank, kiting the bosses around the enclosure for the duration of the encounter was less than pleasant. However, as an Alliance player, killing the orcs in the various buildings within Orgrimmar was rather satisfying. 

What’s your favorite boss fight so far this tier, and what do you think of the LFR difficulty debate?  

I’ve spoken to many players who’ve found themselves stuck in a frustrating LFR fiasco that’s lasted anywhere from two to five hours! New fights need to be learned but not everyone has the patience or the time. Personally, I stay out of LFR when a raid is new. How about you? 

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I wouldn't say LFR is majorly harder. Yes it's trickier, but the last wing I was in didn't last as long as 2 hours. It's a bit more challenging, but from what I've experienced, it's been made harder by people once again not following instructions. And I've seen it first hand. The raid leader has gone out of his/her way to explain what to do, as simply as possible. And yet these instructions are just blatantly ignored. The worst fight for this was The Fallen Protectors. People just ran about attacking what they weren't supposed to be attacking-even when the raid leader told them WHEN to attack the specific boss/adds. It was infuriating. They were either panicking and switched off OR they just couldn't be bothered to listen.

People MUST be patient though. It CAN be done-I think people forget this fact. I know some people forget about the determination buff if the raid wipes. But I am surprised to read some fights lasting up to 5 hours. There must be something badly, badly wrong there either with gear, with communication. I think what would make life easier, would be for people to study the fight before hand either via the dungeon journal, or via YT. There's plenty of stuff to look at to make life easier.

though on the flipside, because the first few wings were so easy and not much planning was needed the old enemy complacency set in, so people instantly think "this will be a piece of cake" so just dive straight in-and then it's a bit of a shock when they actually have to think properly about tactics.

Though there's a host of feasible reasons. But with these new raids communication and preparing have never been so important now. People have to start paying more attention, and read up more on bosses, mechanics everything. Or it's going to be an unpleasant 5 hour pain fest

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