Go Nuts With Update 1.4 of Marvel Heroes

Squirrel Girl sends death from the trees in the latest update of Marvel Heroes.

Marvel Heroes, a massively multiplayer action RPG, the first game from Gazillion Entertainment, is enjoying some new content in update 1.4. The new patch hit servers on October 17 and adds new content as well as cosmetic purchases to the game. 

Many previous patches for Marvel Heroes have focused on adding replayability to existing content by adding new playable heroes and patch 1.4 continues this trend. 

Features for update 1.4 include

  • Purchasable playable heroine "Squirrel Girl". Armed with martial arts and a squirrel or two, the new character features many new abilities, including the appropriately named "Squirrelpocalypse".
  • A revamp of the playable hero Spiderman. Update 1.4 brings a Spiderman with new abilities, a rebalance and a new purchasable costume.
  • More purchasable costumes for existing heroes.
  • A new pet (a rather disturbing spiderman themed pig creature).

Squirrel Girl is available as an individual purchase in the in-game store or in a package which includes costumes and an exclusive item. Unfortunately, if new characters and cosmetics are not up your alley, then patch 1.4 does not bring any new content for existing characters to the table. For more information, you can read the detailed patch notes. To play Marvel Heroes, you can download it from Steam or check it out at the official website.

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