The Yule Festival Has Begun!

Yule Festival will run from December 18 through January 14.

Lord of the Rings Online's Yule Festival quests and activities have returned to the town of Winter-home. If you complete the festival deeds, you'll earn a reward. The rewards include an exclusive Travel Mount & War-Steed Appearance and new cosmetics. Read more about it after the jump!

Several events will be available:

  • Theatre event: The seasonal show is played at the local playhouse. Make sure to let the artists know what you thought of their performance.
  • Snowball fight: Challenge your friends in the Snowball Arena and repeat this snowy onslaught with Mithril Coins for more fun!
  • Eating Contest: Enter the Winter-home eating contest to get your fill of pies, eggs and mushrooms
  • Festival Square: Check the local vendor or meet up with your fellows to raise a mug at the festival marketplace
  • Aid the Other: If you helped the rich last year, you can make up for it this year. This quest can now be completed to experience the alternative endings.
  • Frostbluff activities will allow you to unlock the Wintertide Steed which is a brand new Winter Festival Mount!

Guilhemette "Whilhelmina" Giacopazzi


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