12 Days of Gaming: Three Dota Updates

On the third day of gaming, Valve gave to me, three completely free updates!


Valve gave an early Christmas gift to players in the form of three huge content updates, which have expanded the core of Dota 2 in numerous ways. The updates have added a slew of changes and three brand new heroes in the form of Legion Commander, Ember Spirit and Earth Spirit.

Dota 2 is an incredible strategic experience and its layers of depth continue to expand. If you haven't given the game a try, I suggest that you check it out. The organic learning process that Dota champions creates one of the most engrossing experiences in gaming. I have played over 500 hours and still find myself learning new things in every match!

Any experienced Dota player will tell you that it is a dish best served with friends. Playing with a full group of friends can be one of the most satisfying experiences in all of gaming. The amount of teamplay involved in a single match is staggering, yet that is what makes it rewarding. Dota's mechanics and steep difficulty curve make learning with friends a truly fulfilling experience.


Dota is an increasingly brutal teacher. As the game expands the learning curve becomes that much steeper for new players, yet there is hope for prospective players! I would argue that this holiday season is the single best time to join the fray: new content and a plethora of new features are aimed at making a new player's life easier and are a worthy attempt at avoiding loss due to acclimation issues.

Dota is an immensely challenging, yet incredibly rewarding, experience. Let Dota beat you down so that you can feel what it is truly like to progress in this deep and strategic experience. Expect more in-depth Dota coverage in the new year. For now, enjoy the new updates, and perhaps I will see you on the field of battle this holiday season!


Ian Nowakowski

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