Herokon Online Update Expands Aventuria

The Blade of Destiny continues with new region, new campaign and more.

Aventuria expands its borders. With the Thorwal update, development studio Silver Style releases a major content patch for the Dark Eye MMORPG Herokon Online. It includes a special treat for all TDE fans: the sequel to the beloved Blade of Destiny campaign and the new region of Thorwal.

The addition of Thorwal grants the heroes of Herokon Online the opportunity to explore a whole new region of Aventuria. Located in the continent’s chilly northwest, the territory offers many new quests, six new types of enemy, new NPCs and allies as well as Thorwal-specific weapons and equipment.

The veteran TDE authors and Silver Style employees Thomas Römer, Matthias Freund and Lena Kalupner have woven a far-reaching tale packed with exciting new adventures. The saga captures the rugged charm of Thorwal while building on Römer’s background story and continuing the epic of the legendary Blade of Destiny. Almost thirty years have passed since a band of brave heroes found the sword Hyggeliks and used it to prevent the orcs from taking Thorwal by storm. But ever since aged Hetman, Trøndelag failed to return from a military campaign in the Far North, the legendary sword has been trapped in the Eternal Ice. Guarded only by few chosen ones, no one has a clue about the unholy creatures eager to get their greedy claws on the sword in order to seize power in Thorwal...

"Our goal with Herokon Online is to authentically reproduce the world of Aventuria,” says Matthias Freund, an author at Silver Style, “and with the latest expansion we managed to consistently implement Thorwal in the game. TDE players will recognize and love Thorwal immediately and also meet several familiar characters. The Blade of Destiny campaign deserved a sequel and I am happy to say we can offer our players a truly extraordinary story with varied quests that will be continuously expanded in the future."

Besides Thorwal and the sequel to the Blade of Destiny campaign, many other new features await intrepid players: the heroes’ level cap has been increased from 40 to 45, a new world map provides a handy travel system and new achievements and titles are available.

More information about The Dark Eye – Herokon Online and the update is available on the official website.

Source: Press Release


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