Black Gold Online: Spellswords

Do you choose to master the sword, or devestating magic? Why not both?

The upcoming Snail Games developed MMORPG, Black Gold Online, has released information on the game's "Spellsword" class. More sturdy than a typical mage and more agile than a fully-armored warrior, these magic-wielding swordsmen hone their skills by bringing both blades and spells into combat. Even if you manage to dodge their magic abilities, stay on your toes, because they can still run you through with a sword.

As of right now we know that the Kosh, humans on the side of the Erlandir Union faction, are able to become Spellswords. These powerful and agile Enchanters are able to fill the role of a melee DPS or an "Agility Tank", which most likely translates into an "Evasion" Tank for those of you familiar with the term in other MMOs.

As mentioned before, the Spellswords weapons of choice are their trusty one-handed swords and also their plethora of quick casting magic spells. However, they can still equip shields for extra defense. And, despite their agile nature, this class actually uses heavy armor when in battle.

In terms of their "style" of abilities, Spellswords focus on skills that drain the enemy of their strength, while simultaneously bolstering their own power.

"Refined through years of conflict and adaptation, the Spellswords achieved magical prowess nearly unequalled in the land of Montel. Through the mastery of elemental forces, the Spellswords are able to fortify themselves at expense of their foe, sapping the life force and constraining the enemy into speechless misery. Agility and speed paired with explosive strength are the hallmark of these magic-wielding swordsmen.

Strongest when equipped with a sword and an energy shield, their unique skill set requires both agility and adequate protection in intensive skirmishes."

For more information on this magic-melee hybrid of a class, be sure to visit the official Black Gold Online website and keep it locked to ZAM for more game news and updates.

Good Hunting!

Corey "Cyglaive" Jenkins

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