Trailer Released for Dark Souls II: Cursed

Are you ready to go beyond death?

Namco Bandai Games has released a trailer for its long-awaited sequel to Dark Souls, offering up a sneak peak at what awaits us in the kingdom of Drangleic, where players will be seeking a cure to the Curse.

Dark Souls II will be made available on consoles first, with a predicted release date sometime in March. The PC version should follow shortly after. For those concerned about the terrible PC porting of Dark Souls being repeated, producer Takeshi Miyazoe had this to say about it: "For Dark Souls II we are developing on PC from the beginning. We realise what PC games typically require, and I can assure you that the PC version of Dark Souls II will be a good PC experience for PC gamers."

Check out the exciting trailer below!

I've been dallying with Dark Souls myself and it's certainly a game that can be both immensely satisfying and incredibly rage-inducing. Are you looking forward to Dark Souls II?

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