Black Gold Online Alpha Begins Late March

Snail Games announces the upcoming alpha testing period for Black Gold Online

Snail Games has officially announced plans to begin alpha testing in North America for its upcoming MMO, Black Gold Online. While beta testing is already underway in China, North American players can expect Alpha Testing to commence in late March.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this upcoming MMO, Black Gold Online tells the tale of two warring factions as they battle it out in hopes of gaining control over a mystic energy source known as "Black Gold". Blending steam-punk technology with luscious fantasy environments, players can align to either of the game's two factions as they partake in epic PvE and PvP encounters throughout the world.

"Black Gold Online brings a lot of classic favorites into this MMO, as well as a few surprises to keep players on their toes. The game boasts a massive playable world filled with amazing imagery of magical naturalism and bleak industrialism, with high-paced and engaging gameplay."

The team over at Snail Games also wanted to make note that the "punk-rock princess" herself, Avril Lavigne, is one of the game's top players and fans.

"Miss Lavigne is a fan of Black Gold Online's artistic styles, mixing different themes into a seamless production. She took a few fan pics to complement the work of the BGO art team, showing that she’s a Steampunk rocker too"

If you wish to be eligible to test the Alpha or Beta version of the game, be sure to follow this link to register. For more information you can head on over to the official Black Gold Online website and keep it dialed into ZAM for the latest Black Gold Online news and updates.

Good Hunting!

Corey "Cyglaive" Jenkins

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