Age of Wushu: Palace of Shifting Flowers

This female-only sect is shrouded in intrigue and are well-versed in the arts.

Age of Wushu has recently unveiled another Sect that will be released in the Tempest of Strife expansion: Palace of Shifting Flowers. This female-only sect is "elegant, yet deadly; gorgeous, yet cold-hearted" and is shrouded in legend and mystery.

At first glance, the Palace of Shifting Flowers is a spiraling chateau of cultural refinement and architectural wonders, rivaling those of Emei and Scholars. Its female-only apostles are well versed in the arts, and often immerse themselves in settings of great beauty. Taking a deeper look, however, one will find a disciplined, even zealous, cadre of warrior maidens, sworn to seek vengeance from the men who wronged them.


  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Internal Skill: Clear Jade Divine Skill (Yin and Soft)
  • Skill Set: Seven Techniques of the Flower Goddess
  • Attack Type: Ranged and Melee
  • Skilled Weapon: Rings of Power

For more information on the Palace of Shifting Flowers check out the official site!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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