WildStar: Ops Week

The end of Open Beta brings a few final days of testing before launch.

With yesterday's closing of the WildStar Open Beta test (insert sadface here), Carbine is using the next two weeks to prepare for the game's launch. However, if you're one of the many fans jonesin' for a bit more Planet Nexus, you'll be happy to hear that as of right now "Ops Week" is officially underway.

What is Ops Week you ask? A post made by CRB_Cougar, Director of Operations over at Carbine Studios, shed some light on the matter.

"During this time, the various teams around Carbine and NCSOFT will be preparing for the launch of WildStar and will be putting the final touches on everything. This means we will be testing various launch systems, practicing our disaster recovery processes, making sure our fail overs fail over correctly, and putting some extra testing on our final Release Candidate."

While everyone is invited to participate in Ops week, it's important to note that play-time may be very limited due to a number of factors. The team won't be pre-announcing the play-test windows and will instead be bringing them up as they need to test systems. Additionally, the servers may only be up for a few hours at a time or less and may or may not be stable as they continue to test various server-related systems. These last few weeks before early access are specifically for testing WildStar's launch features, as well as adding additional polish to the game, and aren't necessarily designed to give players extra play-time. If you're looking to spend hours leveling and dungeon-running again, you might just want to wait until early access.

Because there are no rewards for participating in Ops week besides getting a bit more time to roam around Nexus, Cougar says the team definitely won't hold it against you if you choose not to participate.

"...Headstart is right around the corner. We’ll see you then. This level of unpredictability isn’t for everyone, and Ops won’t hold it against you."

The full Ops Week FAQ post can be found here. For more WildStar news, information and updates, be sure to keep it locked to ZAM as we countdown the days until the launch of this upcoming MMORPG.

I'll see you on Nexus!

Corey "Cyglaive" Jenkins

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