Diablo III Anniversary Buff Now Permanent!

D3 players get to keep their +100% boost to finding Legendary items.

The recent week-long anniversary buff that doubled legendary drop rates in Diablo III has been made permanent. The announcement came due “to the overwhelming popularity” of the buff.

To celebrate Diablo III's two-year anniversary, the rate at which Rift Fragments could be acquired was also doubled for the week; while this part of the buff has now ended, it may well be something that returns at a future date, said Community Manager Lylirra.

Part of the anniversary celebration was a four hour-long live stream direct from Blizzard, where multiple developers, CMs and players got together to play and chat about Diablo III game design, lore and art.

If you weren't able to play during anniversary week, then have no fear! Defenders of Sanctuary may enjoy the increased legendary drop rate at their own leisure. Just be aware that the buff doesn't affect Act-specific legendaries obtained from Horadric Caches.

Have fun in game! 


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