E3 2014 - PlayStation Conference (Live Updates!)

(9:00PM ET) E3 2014 finishes Day 1 with Playstation, tonight's final major feature!

Welcome to E3 coverage here on ZAM!

Today’s fourth media briefing (4 of 4) is from Playstation for 1.5 hours. We’ll be covering every detail, constantly keeping this page up-to-date. Keep a close eye and keep refreshing!

When: 9:00PM-10:30PM Eastern / 6:00PM-7:30PM Pacific — Watch on Twitch.tv!
All Events: Xbox, EA, Ubisoft, Playstation, Nintendo

 Times below are in Eastern Time.

9:02 - Looks like it'll be a late start for Sony!
9:03 - Okay, there we go.

9:04 - Swirling blue shapes. Flickering blue lights. A drop pod. Spacesuits. Mars. Destiny is starting off the show! Going behind the lore of the game. "Lifespan tripled. It was a time of miracles." ... "There are only a few of you who carry the light of The Traveler." This seems like an odd case where gameplay is more enjoyable than the cutscenes. General note: Not a fan of Sony's zoomed-out, ultra-widescreen trailer format. 

 9:08 - Andrew House comes out to introduce the briefing. Continuing the Destiny discussion, the Destiny Beta starts July 17th. Can't wait? Starting this thursday, and lasting through the weekend, PS4 owners can play the Destiny First-Look Alpha.

9:10 - Continuing with announcements, House announces the White Playstation 4 Bundle, launching on September 9th alongside Destiny. It will include a 500GB hard drive, a copy of Destiny, and 30 days of Playstation Plus.

9:11 - A dark trailer begins. A man with a lamp walks around a dark tunnel, inevitably meeting up with a terrifying, lanky zombie-beast. The time period appears industrial, with people He fires his . It's The Order: 1886! 

9:15 - In sudden contrast, a geometric orange fish splashes through the sky. NEW TITLE: Entwined. A blue origami swan appears, and dances with the orange fish. "The game is about two souls in love that can't be together." When they're brought together, they form a dragon. It's a bit of a bizarre game, especially compared to the two games presented before it. The PS4 version is available tonight for $10. This whole section is falling a bit flat.


9:19 - Infamous: Second Son DLC discussion. Infamous: First Light DLC, coming August 2014.


9:21 - Little Big Planet 3! Zero preface, it just...suddenly appeared. A new character Oddsock is introduced, a fast wall-jumping fellow. Also introducing Toggle, a big ol' strong fella that can toggle to a much smaller size. There's also Swoop, a little flying brown birdie. Little Big Planet 3 seems pretty fun. Biggest changes are the new characters, it seems, the rest just looks really polished – which certainly isn't a bad thing. RELEASE DATE: November 2014.

*NOTE: Apologies, every E3 stream is currently has a ton of volume issues and lag.*

9:29 - Shuhei Yoshida comes on-stage to discuss LBP3. You can play all content created from the first two Little Big Planet titles. Yoshida segues into a much more sinister game.


9:30 - A trailer begins. Blood drips. This is Project Beast, properly titled as Bloodborne. Gore and terrifying things of all kinds are a given, as this is from From Software (Dark Souls). RELEASE DATE: A general '2015'.

9:33 - Far Cry 4 has arrived! In a gameplay demo, the game shows off some nice lighting and general mayhem. In a pre-planned moment of spontaneity, the player attaches C4 to a barrel, kicks it off the balcony, and blows it up as it falls below. Jumping out of a car falling off a cliff, the player parachutes through the cliffs and lands safely in the distance. Calling for back-up, a friend joins the game and the two players fly in a gyrocopter. This is definitely Far Cry. Looks good, and seems to play well.
9:39 - Only on Playstation, your friends can play with you even if they don't own the game. Nice!


9:41 - Silly trailer about some kind of zombie game from Deep Silver. Oh, it's Dead Island 2! Also, seems like Jack Black's voice made an appearance. Something about zombies in Diablo III, a rather minor and unnecessary tie-in. Dead Island 2 on PS4 will feature  30-day exclusive beta and an exclusive level.


9:44 - Battlefield: Hardline beta is only on PS4 for consoles. A trailer kicks in, and seems to cover the game fairly well.

9:45 - A mention of Disney: Infinity. Practically skipped right over.

9:46 - Jumping back to Destiny: "Exodus" will be an exclusive multiplayer map.

9:47 - Paradox Interactive is working on a game exclusive to PS4 (on consoles). A trailer pops in, and it's clearly for Magicka – specifically Magicka 2.

9:49 - Double Fine will be remastering Grim Fandango! The game will be coming exclusively to PS4 and PS Vita. Sidenote: We're hearing "exclusive" a lot.

9:51 - Broforce, Hotline Miami 2, The Talos Principle, Not a Hero and Titan Souls flash by in a quick trailer.

9:53 - A dark, bloody trailer appears. Red damage numbers pop up. NEW TITLE: Let It Die. Not much to go on.

9:55 - Odd segue to Journey, or rather, its creators Giant Squid. They're working on a new game, which takes place underwater. The camera pans to and fro, showing serene moments of exploration. NEW TITLE: Abzu. Not sure what to make of that, but it was...peaceful.


9:57 - Mystery game. No Man's Sky? Confirmed: No Man's Sky. "It will make its console debut on PS4." The trailer features orange foliage, a lime-green sky, and dinosaur-esque creatures. The player scampers into some kind of jet, and seamlessly blasts away from the planet. The player flies through space, shooting scattered lasers at a fleet of ships. Descending to another planet, the player (once again) seamlessly passes through the atmosphere. Even better, the game is procedurally-generated.
10:02 - Another trailer starts, and shows the vast diversity of the landscapes one might encounter. This is one of the best games of the evening, with a refreshing look and lots to explore.


10:03 - Andrew House comes back out, and emphasizes the power of the Playstation 4. House makes a brief jab about the optional camera peripheral. Speaking of peripherals, it's Project: Morpheus time! House chats about all the developers that are working with the Morpheus.

10:05 - Lots of chatter leading up to Playstation Network talk. This all leads up to bringing YouTube to Playstation 4 later this year. Players will be able to quickly upload to their YouTube channel. Additionally, Twitch and Ustream popped up on-screen...but nothing was said about them.

10:11 - A trailer about "free-to-play" begins. Kingdom Under Fire 2 and Planetside 2 are mentioned. A puzzle game and some RPGs appear. My Singing Monsters appears (which the Twitch chat obviously loved). Some pretty bizarre titles being tossed into the trailer. On the plus side, Loadout spotted!

10:14 - Playstation Now, the streaming game service, goes into Open Beta on July 31st. More than 100 PS3 games will be available; lots of developers shown on-screen. Available games will include Dead Space 3, God of War: Ascension, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, Ultra Street Fighter IV.

10:17 - PS Vita talk. Minecraft coming, Child of Light, Tales from the Borderlands and more.

10:18 - Playstation TV is discussed! For $99, you can play your PS Vita games on your TV. $139 will include a controller, an HDMI cable, a microSD card, and a game voucher for a certain LEGO game.

10:21 - Here comes Mortal Kombat X! Gameplay footage premiere. Looks sharp. various characters of the franchise beat the snot out of each other, and it looks better than ever. For fans of Mortal Kombat's gore: it's on full display with crushed bones and chest-holes.

10:25 - Andrew House talks about non-gaming entertainment. Sony will be putting together original TV series. They'll be starting with one called Powers, an animated show about detectives investigating various cases involving superheroes. Powers will examine what it would really be like if superheroes were a part of our real world. The specifics actually seem neat. Powers is coming in December 2014. Every PSN user in the U.S. will be able to watch the first episode for free. Playstation Plus subscribers can watch the whole season for free.

10:31 - Cue Ratchet & Clank: The Movie! Imagine a feature-film full of animated Ratchet & Clank . Coming in 2015! Additionally, the first Ratchet & Clank will be remade.

10:33 - The Last of Us Remastered! The PS4 version of The Last of Us. The game looked amazing the first time, so it looks even better now. Nothing else to say, because the game itself is the same. RELEASE DATE: July 29th, 2014.

10:35 - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain appears! [!] It's the leaked cinematic trailer some have already seen. It's a good watch for fans of the series, but lacks a deeper meaning without more context.

10:40 - A trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, coming to PS4 this fall. (And no, no PC.) Characters and progress can be transferred to Playstation 4, which is a nice plus. UPDATE, 12:21AM ET: Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to PC! Xbox One too.


10:42 - Welcome, Batman: Arkham Knight! The environment looks quite stunning. Beautiful glowing nights mark the landscape as far as the eye can see. The visuals really couldn't be any better. The player glides on his cape, swooping between buildings. He lands, gets into the Batmobile, and cruises through town. Every element seems so polished and impressive.
10:46 - Did the demo just crash? Was that an intentional part of the demo where it was supposed to appear "hacked"? Unfortunately, it seems so; otherwise, it would've made for a very memorable moment for 2014!

10:48 - Naughty Dog logo. Ooh, it's the next Uncharted! It's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. RELEASE DATE: 2015. Drake wakes up with his face in the water, with an overlaid diaglogue. They discuss a job, and say "one last time."


There we go, the first day of E3 2014 in the books! What an incredible day it was. Thank you all for joining us at ZAM for today's torrent of news. As always, embrace the hype and keep on gaming!

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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