Origin: Game Time Program

Like Steam's free weekends, Game Time will offer free time with full games.

Origin: the platform we (seemingly) all love to hate. Whether that's justified, you can't fault it for trying to give Steam a run for its money. A part of that effort is its new program "Game Time". You can play full titles for free! – for a few days, anyway.

It has one main advantage over its Steam counterpart: your timer only begins when you first start the game. Can't play a 48-hour title over the weekend? Just start the timer when it works for you!

Game Time's first game is Titanfall, a two-month old AAA game with a 48-hour timer. Great start! Game Time is understandably designed to boost sales, so it coincides with a hefty 50% discount ($30). Even the digital deluxe version, with all three upcoming DLC packs, is 40% off ($48).

So, we'd say Game Time ranks above free weekends, but below Steam's Family Sharing. Props to Origin for adding healthy competition to the mix!

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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