EVE Online Launches Crius Content Update

The industry gets a facelift with the latest update for EVE Online.

EVE Online received its largest industry update to-date with yesterday's launch of Crius. CCP's focus was not only on adding new features, but also on making better interfaces, usability and more oppotunities for those aspiring to succeed in the industrial sector.

New Features

  • Blueprints/Research: The research panel is now more user-friendly
  • Dynamic Pricing: The installation cap has been removed, but pricing is based on the number of installations in use
  • Starbases: Add facilities to your starbase to enhance your industry storage and output
  • Teams: Hire industry professions to generate system-wide bonuses

Updated Features

  • Preview blueprint job data
  • Instant job cost calculation
  • Single-click resubmission of job history
  • Intuitive UI for reprocessing
  • More atmospheric audio
  • Opt-out of fleet warps
  • No skill check for module fitting
  • Industry features get API support

Check out all the details for Crius over on the official site!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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