Film Friday: Part 1 - Seven Chill Trailers

With so many trailers, we've split the feature in two!

Part 1: Chill – Part 2: Action

The first week of August was a great week for game trailers – too good, in fact. Instead of cramming a dozen videos into one super-post, we've got a double feature! This post is relaxed, while the next one cranks up the dial.

As per usual, sit back and enjoy!

The Sims 4

We open with a silly cinematic, showcasing the pleasant life of a typical sim in The Sims 4. File this one under "tried too hard to be quirky, but still fun to watch."

Never Alone

Video games are fun, but they also carry a lot of meaning. This quick behind-the-scenes video explores the personal motivation behind the developers of Never Alone.


Hah! While early looks at Crookz aren't encouraging, the announcement trailer is great. If the game ends up half as fun, they've got a hit!

Forza Motorsport

Forza takes to the track, and shares the story of one of their players: Mario Bonfante, Jr.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time

How long did it take you or your friends to play through Ocarina of Time? While most would answer in days or hours, legendary speedrunner Cosmo Wright would say 18 minutes.

Rollers of the Realm

A Pinball RPG‽...uh, has that ever been done before? The Epic Quest table for Pinball FX2 is the closest we found. Rollers of the Realm goes so much further, and it looks like a fresh experience coming sometime this year.

Farming Simulator 15

To cap things off, the most chill trailer for last. No better for chilling than tilling, filling and milling.

Honorable Mentions: Dungeons 2, Juju

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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