Gamescom 2014: PlayStation Main Event (Live!)

We continue Gamescom 2014 with the Playstation Press Conference!

Welcome back to Gamescom 2014!

Gamescom's second live event (2 of 3) is from PlayStation. We'll be covering it live, keeping this page fresh. Open the stream and keep refreshing this page!

When: 1:00PM Eastern / 10:00AM Pacific — Watch on!
All Events: Xbox, PlayStation, EA

 Times below are in Eastern Time.

12:53 - The stage is lit, the music plays! "This is for the Players."

12:56 - A trailer suddenly starts. The preshow begins. It's a trailer for inFAMOUS: First Light, followed soon by The Order: 1886.

1:01 - Here we go with LittleBigPlanet 3! As one expects, it shows off its unique characters and their customization. It then dives head-first into the core of LBP: the custom content. No better way to show off this franchise than gameplay!

1:03 - Oh, looks like that wasn't the start of the real show. Is this trailer for Bloodborne the start? Suitably dark and twisted. A great trailer, but still not the start of the show.

1:07 - The theater dims, and now we begin! Starting with a dramatic showcase of everything Sony has to offer. Covers pretty much all their AAA titles. Oh man, not these weird face close-ups again!

1:10 - Jim Ryan, President and CEO, takes the stage. Mentions that everything just shown ships in the next 6 months. That doesn't seem right, but great! He also mentions the PlayStation 4 install base in nine months has exceeded 10 million units globally.

1:11 - Q-Games (PixelJunk Shooter) heads on stage. They're coming back to 3D, and they've got something to reveal; it's "out-of-the-box". It's a about enslaved puppet-style humans working collaboratively. Called The Tomorrow Children.

1:16 - A trailer for another game immediately starts: a grim, narrated first-person look at...something. Souls rise from a dead body, recreating scenes of past time. Called The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

1:18 - Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone) comes out and discusses his new "old-school stealth" game called Volume. It's a retelling of Robin Hood. Lots of sharp edges and glowing for the aesthetic. Coming 2015.

1:20 - Trailer starts. Female narrator. It seems to be a 2.5D tactical shooter called Hollowpoint.

1:22 - Bohemia Interactive struts to center stage. It's no doubt about DayZ, which it turns out to be. Coming to PS4? Seems to be! Lots of qualifying that it will only help the PC community. No more specifics, just the news itself.

1:25 - Trailer with lots of chanting begins. Ninja Theory flashes on-screen. A female warrior with warpaint prepares to fight, runes visible on her sword. Called Hellblade.

1:27 - A logo for Tequila Works appears. A trailer starts, and the bright cel-shaded visuals pop into view. It's an adventure game with great style. Then, the stream completely dies. Huh. Turns out it was for Rime.

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