Gamescom 2014: PlayStation Main Event (Live!)

We continue Gamescom 2014 with the Playstation Press Conference!

1:31 - Stream picked back up on Twitch! Up on stage is Destiny! They reveal that Destiny has become the most pre-ordered new IP in history. World premiere of the multiplayer trailer. Gameplay is chaotic, with glittering light and explosions at every turn. They cover several of the gametypes, and flash in some interesting items.

1:35 - PlayStation to have timed exclusive access to a multiplayer map, Exodus Blue. They have two expansions in the works, the first being The Dark Below coming this December.

1:36 - Far Cry 4 comes up! It's about time we see. The dev on-stage says they'll be discussing the game's environment today. They do more than that, showing gameplay in these diverse environments. I'm glad they took this approach! Also, the game itself looks incredibly solid.

1:39 - Exclusively on Playstation, you get 10 keys to invite friends to play Far Cry 4 with you for up to 2 hours. This is much less exciting than it was originally made out to be.

1:40 - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor appears. It's a good cinematic trailer, but nothing specific to note. Coming October 3rd, 2014.

1:42 - Hideo Kojima takes his spot on-stage to discuss Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. His translator explains what to expect from the upcoming trailer...and the trailer starts! It features the infamous cardboard box, and all of the changes to it. You can pop out, use certain abilities, and use it as a decoy. It's all rather cheeky, but it's fascinating how far they've gone with it.

1:46 - 7780s studios. Black & white cutscenes. "Will you decipher the enigma?" ... "The world's first interactive teaser." Called P.T., a horror game. Cue nightvision footage of people screaming while playing the teaser. The teaser is live now on the PlayStation Store.

1:47 - Jim Ryan reappears and discusses System Software 2.0, a big update to the PS4. Intuitive friend finder, recommendations of players you already know, etc. Ryan also mentions Share Play. PS Plus members can: invite any friend anywhere to play any games with you; invite any friend to play with you to any session with you, without downlading the game.

And, the stream completely dies...and not on my end. Uh-oh.

1:49 - It's back! Seems like they're discussing the Morpheus now! Now there's no video...wait, here it comes. Oh no, there it goes again! It's back, it's not. Sigh. He mentions "PlayStation level quality." Great timing!

1:50 - Now, PlayStation TV: it gives you access to most PSP and PS Vita classics. PlayStation TV also allows you to use your PS4 from a second TV in your home. Soon, it'll also be coming to Europe. Here's the unseen trailer!

1:51 - Are you ready for Until Dawn, "a horror game unlike any other"? Well, here it comes. 8 people are stranded in a mountain cabin. "Everyone can survive. Everyone can die." If the gameplay is something like Heavy Rain, it could be an interesting experience.

1:54 - A Driveclub trailer appears, in odd contrast to the dark scene moments ago. Another racing game that heavily emphasizes social elements. It smoothly transitions to a gameplay demo. For a few moments, the game looks incredibly lifelike. Overall, though, the presentation didn't seem to do the game justice.

1:57 - A follow-up Driveclub trailer is shown with much higher intensity.

1:58 - A pink Mm is on-screen. It's Media Molecule (Tearaway) presenting Tearaway: Unfolded coming to PS4! What a fantastic aesthetic! The controller interactivity is all swell and good. Once again, though, it's simply worth mentioning how magnificent the paper-filled world looks.

2:04 - Announcing a brand-new game, coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. It's from Housemarque, and it's a top-down, laser-blasting shoot'emup called Alienation.

2:06 - Wild Sheep Studio is front-and-center, talking about their mysterious new game. It's sensibly called WiLD. Players are seen sharpening a stick, crawling through mud, and scavenging eggs. Lots of wild creatures. Survival game? Hard to tell.

2:10 - There we go, that's the end of it!

Somehow, even with such a wide install base, Sony's briefing felt more desperate than it needed to be. That said, great to see lots of unexpected titles today!

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor

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