Behemoth Teases Upcoming 4th Game

Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater, and...

Only The Behemoth would start a teaser trailer with a six-armed, star-nippled bear with green blood. And yet, it makes absolute sense. Of course that's the premise for their next game.

Although details on their fourth game are slim, the teaser offers some clues:

"Yes, as the chicken dictates, this game is of a genre we haven't covered before and seek to breathe a new flavor into. Maybe you can find a hint in the video below about which genre it is??"

"Honey Hug is Nigh"

Want to learn more? Want to play whatever this is? PAX Prime next week has you covered! Head to Booth 3003 and feast on whatever succulent delight The Behemoth is cooking up next.

Our take: Obviously the exceptional number of hexagons are the big hint. Perhaps something Scrolls-like? A turn-based game, at least. Looking forward to next week's proper reveal!

"Shortly before the release of BattleBlock Theater we started working on something new. We schemed up a bunch of concepts and picked our strongest one. From there we fleshed out the lone survivor prototype!!! As it grew stronger and stronger, we polished it, furnished it with delights, and added (gluten free?) sprinkles."

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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