Rollers of the Realm: Release Info

Price, platform, and month-of-release are all available for the unique pinball RPG.

Price: $9.99
Platform: PC; PS4 and PS Vita Cross-Buy/Save
Release: November 2014

These are the key stats for the awesome genre mash-up Rollers of the Realm. From the minds of Phantom Compass, you'll crash through medieval pinball with a fusion of RPG elements.

10 classes, stats, special abilities, and all sorts of loot give this game a great twist. In some sense, there's also combat! Enemies will advance on you and, once within range, will begin to physically damage your flippers!

Considering the very reasonable $10 price, we might take the plunge with a release-day purchase. Supporting genre mash-ups is a good way to foster more of these unique games.

For a closer look at exactly how Rollers of the Realm plays, check out this brand-new dev diary:

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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