Webzen Announces Halloween Event Lineup

Enjoy these seasonal events on Archlord 2, C9 and MU Online!

Webzen has released their lineup of Halloween events for Archlord 2, MU Online and Continent of the Ninth Seal!

Archlord 2 players will be tasked with retrieving Witch’s Pumpkin Cookies dropped from all instance dungeons and contested areas! After collecting fifty Witch’s Pumpkin Cookies, they can bring them back to ‘Jack O’ Lantern (an NPC located in each capital city) to receive Jack O’ Lantern’s Giftbox. Opening the giftbox will activate a trick or a treat, randomly granting players a buff or transforming them into a duck, calf, deer, dog or pig! The following buff effects can be obtained: Increased Max HP/MP, Weapon Mastery Boost, and Item Drop Rate Increase.

In a second login event, you can acquire Mysterious Pumpkin Seeds by logging in to the game daily (only once per day per character). After collecting seven Mysterious Pumpkin Seeds, they can be exchanged for one of three types of pumpkin hat rewards. As this is a repeatable quest, you can acquire all three kinds of Pumpkin hats if you login every day throughout the event.

Archlord 2's events kick off today and run until before the maintenance on November 11, 2014.


Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) is having a Halloween Mix & Match event! Hunt the Pumpkin Knight to obtain event materials and mix & match tokens in the 3rd-6th continents' dungeons. Those who combine 10 pieces of Dried Blood of Hellbehriths, 10 Tertis Claws and one Mix & Match Token with one Gear Part will acquire a giftbox containing a variety of random costumes for their character. In addition, you will be able to buy a limited edition 2014 Halloween Gear Package during the festival.

C9's event begins today and runs until prior to the November 4, 2014 maintenance.


MU Online is running an event dubbed "The Lord of the Halloween: The Return of Jack-o-Lantern". Blood-thirsty monsters will be lurking in the dark corners of MU continent throughout October. Those who are courageous enough to hunt hellish creature Jack-O-Lantern, its accomplice Fire Flame Ghost and any other monster will collect Pumpkins they drop. Throw the Pumpkin on the floor to get special treats such as Jack-O-Lantern’s Scroll (Bless, Wrath or Cry), sustenance and a rare transformation ring that will change their character into a massive pumpkin!

Players who manage to defeat Fire Flame Ghost, will be rewarded with an additional random gifts such as Jewels, Zen or Excellent Grade items. Meanwhile, MU Online will soon welcome the new content update for Season 9 which is currently scheduled for November 11th.

MU Online's event will start on Tuesday, October 28 and will run until before the November 11, 2014 maintenance.

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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