WildStar: The Defile Update Reveal

Journey into the new Zone" The Defile" and take the fight to The Entity and its forces of corruption.

The awakened evil known as "The Entity" plots to spread its terror throughout the universe in this upcoming WildStar update, "The Defile". Today Carbine Studios gives us more details on what players can come to expect from this upcoming content drop, as they battle against the Entity's forces of corruption.

The Defile update aims to give players additional solo, small-group, and large-group content, in order to get them in on the fight against the corruption. After participating in a hands-on press demo of one of the areas known as "The Black Focus", we were told that there would in fact be additional daily quests that give you access to special vendors that provide gear, housing items and cosmetic items specific to the area. You will also be able to participate in a 20-player public event where the Exiles and Dominion join forces in order to fight back the corruption–an unexpected turn of events to say the least.

While there will also be new path quests included with this update, content designer Morgan Brown says that the team is looking at ways to expand on current reward systems for player paths. He wasn't able to talk about any specifics but it sounds like we can expect more information at a later date.

Aside from standard quests and events, players will also be able to dive into the next chapter of the "World Story", continuing the tale of Drusera and the Entity and revealing secrets that have been long lost to the galaxy. You can view the epic preview trailer for the next chapter here.

Update: We've been told that drop 3 will be scheduled to release on Tuesday, November 11th.

For additional information, you can view the official "The Defile" information page. As always, for more WildStar news, information and updates, keep it locked to ZAM.


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