DC Universe Online: 4th Anniversary

To celebrate the milestone, we take a look at DCUO's content release timeline.

Sony Online Entertainment's superhero MMO, DC Universe Online, dinged level 4 on Sunday, January 11th. DCUO launched with fast-paced, physics-based combat, rich story arcs and the ability to play either a villain or hero while pairing up with well-known figures from the DC universe.

Since its launch the game has released a lot of content and features. To celebrate the 4th anniversary, let's take a quick look at how DCUO has grown over the years!

Fight for the Light

September 7, 2011

Fight for the Light was DCUO's 1st DLC, featuring Green Lantern and the introduction of the game’s seventh power set, Light.

In times of great need, the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps would give out “reservist rings” to worthy heroes or enthusiastic villains who will help restore the balance of the universe for their side; these players can be deputized into either Corps and fight alongside legendary ring-bearers. In addition to the new light power set, DCUO players were able to interact with characters and missions based on the Green Lantern mythos in all-new gameplay scenarios.

Lightning Strikes

December 6, 2011

The game's 2nd DLC was titled Lightning Strikes. It featured the scarlet speedster, The Flash, and the introduction of the game’s eighth power set, Electricity Powers.

Lightning Strikes offered players new adventures, such as Central City and the Flashback Duo, and another legendary superhero for players to battle against or alongside on their journey to becoming the next legend. In addition to the Electricity Power set, new characters were added including Livewire, Black Lightning, The Top, The Trickster and Static.

“The Flash is one of the premiere characters in the DC Universe and has long been a fan favorite.”DCUO Creative Director Jens Andersen

The Battle for Earth

March 13, 2012

The Battle for Earth was the 3rd DLC pack for DCUO, introducing new multiplayer and open-world content as well as a raid against Brainiac.

The DLC offered more action, epic battles, a 9th power set and set the stage for the future introduction of two legendary DC Universe characters. This pack brought the Earth Power set to the game, saw players jump into action in the South Gotham Brainiac Invasion and Themyscira raids, and took them through the Prime Battleground storyline.

“Players have battled hard in the war against Brainiac and the fight reached its most climactic moment in this DLC. The Battle for Earth introduced a great new story twist and more incredible new adventures for both solo and group play.” — Jens Andersen

The Last Laugh

June 19, 2012

In the largest PvP content update since launch, The Last Laugh marked the game's 4th DLC release. Both Superman and The Joker encouraged heroes and villains to invade The Hall of Doom and The Watchtower, as well as the player safe houses and headquarters throughout the open world. The DLC also added an all-new weapon and introduced new Legends PvP characters.

The return of The Joker introduced a "criminally twisted" storyline, featuring major voiceover actors. Players could now obtain The Shield, a vicious weapon that could be hurled or used to bash opponents. This DLC also featured safe house battles and introduced some legends characters to multiplayer content: Green Lanterns John Stewart and Kilowog, Sinestro Corp members Amon Sur and Arkilo, and Kryptonians Power Girl, Ursa and Bizarro.

“We have taken PvP to another level in DCUO and are thrilled to see the new combat in action. The multiplayer battles in The Last Laugh let heroes and villains unleash their fierce competitiveness, testing their power, potency and skill.”DCUO Executive Producer Lawrence Liberty

Hand of Fate

September 18, 2012

In DCUO's 5th DLC, Hand of Fate, either Doctor Fate or Felix Faust sent players to undertake new group episodes, called Operations, taking high level players back out to the iconic, open-world cities of Gotham City and Metropolis.

New content for this DLC included the Operations, which were six new episodes (three villianous, three heroic) designed for groups. Up to 60 side-missions could be embarked upon as players battled in the Operations and Utility Belt Attachments expanded trinket loadouts from one to four possible slots. Hand of Fate also introduced the first arcane Legends PvP characters: The Lord of Order, Doctor Fate and Felix Faust.

“Hand of Fate is unlike anything we’ve offered to date. From the very beginning, it was designed to draw players back out to our massive open-world cities and allow them to experience them in new, unexpected ways.” — Jens Andersen

Home Turf

January 29, 2013

DCUO's 6th DLC pack, Home Turf, introduced a customizable base system. Players were able to customize their Lairs, which then served as both a base and battleground for the new Lair PvP battles.

The DLC gave access to two Lair themes and a Hideout, which was a limited low-rent version of Lairs. Players accessed the Mainframe within their Lair, which introduced new unlockable combat abilities, and could upgrade their Lair to provide conveniences such as mail, vendors and the broker. Home Turf also added new high-end solo missions in iconic locations: Stryker's Island, Arkham Asylum, Steelworks and Ace Chemicals.

“The introduction of Lair PvP Battles also adds an entirely new level of action to the game. Whether as a way for gamers to express themselves through customization or to seek tactical advantage in combat, Lairs are rewarding for both heroes and villains.” — Jens Andersen

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