Film Friday #26: Seven Sensational Snippets

We've got seven new trailers for you from Project CARS to Evolve.

Seven Sensational Snippets

Today on Film Friday we got seven trailers for you, from Project CARS to Witcher to Evolve. Sit back, relax and check out the games!

Project CARS — Start Your Engines

Welcome to 2015! The Project CARS release is fast-approaching and the game is looking better than ever. Project CARS will be coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, WiiU & PC, starting March 17th in the United States and March 20th in Europe.

Citizens of Earth Launch Trailer

In this modern-day retro-RPG, you have returned home from the campaign trails for a little taxpayer-funded vacation... to find things have gone mad! Only YOU have the charisma it takes to delegate all the dirty work and save the world. So don't ask what you can do for your countrymen...Ask what your countrymen can do for you!

Citizens of Earth will be available in North America and Europe in 1/20/2014 as a download-only title for PC, PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U.

The Witcher Battle Arena Launch Trailer

The Witcher Battle Arena is now available! Fast, fun and accessible MOBA game designed exclusively for mobile devices. Download now on iOS or Android.

Skyforge Gunner Gameplay Trailer

Rain down fiery destruction with Skyforge's Gunner class! Wielding a transforming cannon, the Gunner is capable of adapting their weaponry to suit any situation, making them one of the most heavily armed classes in Skyforge.

As a long range fighter, the Gunner prefers to bombard enemies from the edge of a fight. Their multi-purpose cannon can transform between three firing modes, and is capable of laying waste to groups of enemies by blanketing the battlefield with a barrage of bullets, plasma and explosive rockets.

Pix the Cat Multiplayer Trailer

Pix the Cat presents the “Arena” mode and its mechanics, developed with zany fun and wackiness in mind, for up to 4 players in local multiplayer. Rule over the Arena by jousting against your friends in this local battle mode hosting up to four PixBots! With two players facing off on the same keyboard, connect additional controllers and blow your enemies to smithereens in epic battles.

Collect ammo-eggs to use as missiles, to lay mines or to stun your enemies. These ammo-eggs will also fuel your deadly dashes and emergency escapes. Fallen foes will transform into ghosts that pursue survivors tirelessly. If a ghost smashes into a Pixbot, it will steal its life force and blast back into battle with a vengeance. There are many winning strategies to be crowned Champion! Adapt to your opponents to best them or blow up trying! Each of the Seven Arenas offers a different environment and urges you to change your habits to become the last PixBot standing! This time, it’s personal…

World of Speed: Race the World

In World of Speed you'll race at a variety of locations from around the globe! Whether it’s the sunny streets of San Francisco, the picturesque Cote d'Azur or way up in the Mountains there is a track for every racer in World of Speed!

Evolve — The Survival Guide

Shear is an unforgiving planet and in order to survive, you must be prepared. Everything you need to know about Evolve, the next generation 4v1 shooter, can be found in this survival guide. Hunt together or kill alone. It’s survival of the fittest and any side can win. Choose your side.


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