Film Friday: Nine New Trailers

We got nine awesome trailers to kickstart your weekend.

Nine New Trailers

That week just flew by! Today we've collected nine videos from a variety of games including Final Fantasy Type-0 HD/FFXV, Archlord 2, 0rbitalis, RIFT, the just-announced Victor Vran, Gigantic, Guild Wars 2, Cities XXL and H1Z1.

Victor Vran Announcement Teaser

Victor Vran is the new action-RPG from the Tropico-Makers, Haemimont Games. The studio's aim is to bring the action back to the action-RPG Genre.

The hard-bitten monster hunter Victor slays his way to hordes of over different 50 monster types, using a vast arsenal of deadly weapons like hammers, swords, shotguns or even a scythe.

Victor Vran will be released in summer 2015, offering a deep story-campaign and an up to 4 player co-op mode.

0RBITALIS Level Editor Update

0RBITALIS offers a unique game experience, blending simple but effective visual artistry with physics perfection.

Assume the reins of mission control! Manage the path of a satellite in different celestial challenges and test your staying power against the biggest enemy in the universe: gravity. Now the challenge has got even more intense with the game-changing new Level Editor Update, which enables players to design their own solar system.

RIFT: Storm at Sea Official Trailer

In RIFT, join the Ascended and travel to the Storm Legion’s island refuge off the coast of Goboro Reef. Steel your mind for battles against akvan demigods and test your mettle with a new spine-tingling Nightmare Raid Rift and Rhen of Fate Chronicle - and prepare to face Crucia herself once again.

Archlord 2 — Level 51 Content Update

Archlord 2 has just released its latest content update following the Eternal Strife expansion in December 2014. New territories, a new dungeon, increased level cap of 51 and many more features are introduced in this new update.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD + Final Fantasy XV Japanese Trailer

With the launch of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD less than a month away , Square Enix has released a new trailer detailing the overall storyline and the struggles that Class Zero will face.

The trailer also reveals new footage from Final Fantasy XV -Episode Duscae- including new companions and enemies that Noctis and his party will encounter.

Gigantic at PAX South

Motiga went GIGANTIC at PAX South! Here's a look at their weekend. Also check out the latest Gigantic hero reveals, Griselma and Mozo!

Guild Wars 2: Journey Into the Heart of Maguuma

As Heart of Thorns evolves Guild Wars 2, the open world will be evolving along with it. In the Heart of Maguuma, where the open-world content and story of the expansion will take place, we’ll build on the foundation of the core principles of Guild Wars 2: the power of our dynamic event system, the belief that playing with others makes for a better experience, the impact of environment on stories, and the joy of exploration and discovery.

H1Z1 Survival Tips Gameplay Walkthrough

You may be asking: "What is this whole zombie apocalypse and what do I need to do to survive it?" H1Z1 Sr. Game Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt walks us through some initial gameplay and give up some pretty handy survival tips as well!

Cities XXL Launch Trailer

Cities XXL is a bigger, more complete city-builder pushing the city limits to the edge of your imagination. Running on an improved game engine for enhanced performances, Cities XXL offers classic and extended city-building content, including over 1000 buildings and structures, over 65 maps including new landscapes and environments, and ecological features making Cities XXL the ‘greenest’ Cities XL game yet.


We'll see you next week!


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