Film Friday: Sixteen New Trailers (Part Two)

We have a huge batch of videos to warm up your weekend. Here's the conclusion!

Sixteen New Flicks (Part Two)

What a trailer-filled week! We've collected 16 of the latest that rolled into our inbox. In the second half of Film Friday, videos feature Ace Combat, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Homeworld Remastered, I am Bread, Sym, The Escapists, Uncharted Waters Online and Worlds Adrift.

Worlds Adrift: A Further Look

Take a further look at Worlds Adrift with the producer, Herb. Check out the gameplay from a recent playthrough and take an early look at how harvesting and weapon crafting will work.

I am Baguette (Bread Diaries)

I am Bread is now in the Garden! A new environment to master and bread to toast. Two new game modes including the much requested Free Roam mode... and BAGUETTE mode, where you have to destroy everything as fast possible (naturally).

The Escapists Launch Trailer

The Escapists is launching this week on PC and Xbox One so you can have a prison break story of your very own, without, you know... actually having to crawl through sewage pipes.

Sym Announce Trailer

Sym is a puzzle-platformer from ATRAX Games, inspired by social anxiety disorder. Play as Josh, a teenage boy tormented by a crippling form of social anxiety and navigate his journey to reconcile a maze of two contrasting worlds, coexisting within the blank spaces of each other - his perception of reality and the world he created to avoid his fears. Get the free demo on Steam.

Homeworld Remastered Story Trailer

Learn more about the critically acclaimed story of Homeworld in this trailer from the Homeworld Remastered Collection that highlights the updated audio, visuals, and effects in Homeworld Remastered. The Mothership awaits your command starting February 25, 2015.

See also: Making of the Homeworld Remastered Collection

Uncharted Waters Online: Gran Atlas Trailer

Uncharted Waters Online is the most complex historical MMORPG set in the Age of Sail (16th to 19th Century), in which players will make new discoveries, partake in international trade and engage in naval warfare. It has over 200 accurately modeled ships to choose from, 180+ port towns to visit, 2000+ discoveries to make, and an entire World Map to sail in.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon: Gunner and Mystery Box

Introducing the Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon cross-over game, Etrian Mystery Dungeon. Staying true to the styles of both Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon series, Etrian Mystery Dungeon offers full party customizations, infinite dungeons to explore, and unlockable skill trees, making it the perfect cross-over game.

Catch it April 7, 2015 on the Nintendo 3DS. Put your map down and get ready for a different kind of adventure!

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ Launch Trailer

Control the skies with complete freedom in 3D! The high-flying Ace Combat series is back with an improved 3D view and added C-stick and ZR/ZL button controls that make playing on New Nintendo 3DS XL the ideal way to experience the game. Players can even tap select amiibo figures to the New Nintendo 3DS XL system to unlock special aircraft skins. Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ is now available for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems!

Miss part one? Catch it here!

We'll see you next week!


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