Crowfall to Use Voxel Farm Technology

The strategy MMO will be making use of voxels in all of its world types.

ArtCraft Entertainment has announced that Crowfall will be using the Voxel Farm technology platform. While the game will be using voxels, the latest FAQ describes them as being "much, much smaller... so small, in fact, that you can't see them." All Crowfall worlds will be utilizing voxel tech; in the Campaign Worlds, this allows for a fully destructible world, while in the Eternal Kingdoms it opens up a world of possibility via player customization.

“Our goal with Crowfall is to create an online experience where the World is a completely dynamic world,” explained Gordon Walton, co-founder and President of ArtCraft. “We want to create hundreds of unique worlds, with unique maps – mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, dungeons, ruins – for players to explore and destroy. The Voxel Farm technology gives us the power to do exactly that”.

With Crowfall being an MMO-strategy game mix, algorithmic terrain generation will enhance exploration in the procedurally generated Campaign Worlds. According to Voxel Farm CEO Miguel Cepero, "The scope and detail of this project is mind blowing. It is a perfect example of what we believe next-gen games will be like."

The Elken Stalker was also revealed yesterday, and in six days ArtCraft will unveil the remainder of their plans for the game.

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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