EQ2 Livestream - February 18 (Recap)

The EQ2 team answers community questions during the February livestream.

Executive Producer Holly Longdale and other members of the EverQuest II developer team will address the community and answer some questions during the Wednesday, February 18 Twitch livestream. It kicks off at 3pm PT/6pm ET.

THE LIVESTREAM HAS ENDED! Notes we took during it are after the jump; the recording is now available below. EQ2 Wire has also posted a recap of the stream.

NOTE: I saw a lot of people complaining about how vague the livestream was afterward in the Twitch chat. While I don't speak for the EQ2 team, I'm fairly certain that the intent of the stream wasn't to give us their detailed plans, but rather to reassure everyone that development is still happening. -Cyliena

5:20pm ET: Just getting the article set up, see you all at 6!

6:00pm ET: Cue the swelling music! On the couch we see Holly "Windstalker" Longdale, Nathan "Kaitheel" McCall, Tom "DuckMount" Tobey, Kyle "Kander" Vallee, and Chris "Chrol" Garlick (thanks for the spelling clarification, Feldon!). Ry "Roshen" Schueller from Community is also with the team.

6:05pm ET: Introductions; Holly explains that we can expect new live content with reference to Nathan working on it, and says they're still deciding what else will be coming content-wise. Priorities for their "bucket list" still up in the air; Fabled dungeons still on the list, "cool new stuff" that Chris and Kyle will talk about, "a lot of depth of content already in the works." The team is evaluating dates and seeing if everything they have planned will still happen, database conversion still slated for next month. They want to do cross-server dungeons in a stretch plan but the database conversion must happen first. They'll continue to look at live issues and aim to release solid, bug-free content. WEEKLY UPDATES ARE GONE, all praise Innoruuk!

6:07pm ET: Chris talks about AS, Heroic and Raid content coming up in the future. New missions, new loot, story that Nathan is very excite about. "It's not serious.. but it is." Much laughing is going on, but they have to be vague to avoid spoilers.

6:09pm ET: Nathan lets us know that Erollisi Day is over and Brewday is on Test, so go help test it! Chronoportals and Bristlebane Day will finish off March. Kyle mentions rare loot pinatas, with tons of new weapons, and comments that no one can make up their mind what delay they want. "You'll be able to pick your poison.. no pun intended, it was totally intended." T4 green armor conversion to red gems.. red gems to purple gems. HP reduction on Heroic and AS content. Armor gem rewards from weekly quests; they will be no-trade. Adding missions to Brokenskull Bay contested, and a weekly.

6:10pm ET: Deity system "we'll probably get to it" (Holly), need to figure out details but for now it's still on the table for where it'd fit into their timeline. SC won't be affected aside from a likely name change. They're talking about options for low population servers; cross-server dungeons would be the first step. Database work will be phased throughout the year; the system is converted first and they'll want help testing it on beta when it's ready. The size of character files will need addressed among other things. "Those things will have to happen before we could explore things like server merges.. which [isn't] on the scope because we hope cross-server dungeons [help with that]. We're always looking for solutions."

6:12pm ET: Green adornment drop rates for lv96-100? -- Kyle said they plan on "seeding" them in upcoming content changes and they're aware there's a problem. Scout revamp? Kyle answers that they're looking at a plan today, including CA and dmg increase for Scouts. "Don't fret!"

6:14pm ET: Holly says they'd like to do more polls in-game. They went over expansion surveys and appreciates the feedback. Holly gives shout-outs to all the fansites (errr no ZAM? /sadface).

6:17pm ET: Will there be a duck mount? Tom Tobey says "character team for the win!", pulls out a photoshopped pic of a char on a duck, and mic drops out of the room.

6:18pm ET: Public Quests -- (feed went offline, loading, please wait)

6:21pm ET: ... and they're back! PQs again, on the list of things to do, coders are focused on backend work at the moment, but other things need done first... "it's going to be kickass fun." Someone asked about merges again, Holly re-iterates that they are implementing cross-server dungeons first because they think that will help, and again mentions that our ridiculously huge character files are, as Kyle stated, "terrifying."

6:24pm ET: Progression servers -- they'd love to do it but EQ2 is architecturally different than EQ.

6:25pm ET: Kyle recaps... plans to adjust Scouts, plans for quality of life changes for Tanks such as more offensive stats on tank gear, "pets thing that's on Test.. if you're a summoner, go check it out, because it's awesome." They mention to continue giving feedback, on the forums and in-game. They read it all!

6:27pm ET: Holly -- "We are 150% in this thing; this is a tireless team. Expect a lot more awesome, these guys are an incredible team."


Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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