EQNext & Landmark Q&A Livestream (Recap)

We got all the notes right here from the recent EQN/Landmark livestream!

The Daybreak EverQuest Next and Landmark team (above picture, left to right) of Rosie Rappaport, Michael Mann, Steve Klug, Terry Michaels, Darrin McPherson, Colette "Dexella" Murphy (community) and Emily "Pentapod" Taylor livestreamed a Q&A session this evening. Questions were taken from social media, the forums and leftovers from previous livestreams. Below are the notes we took, which are categorized for our sanity.


There were a few important things mentioned during the livestream tonight:

  • Terry Michaels is leading the team; there's still many people (not all-new people, either) working on the games (see the pic of them in the hallway further down)
  • Daybreak is no longer working with Storybricks. They are utilizing the work that was already done, but the relationship between the two companies is now over.
  • Landmark open beta will be "when we're ready", according to Emily. They don't want to commit to a date; development is always moving toward it. Once the team has a date, they will share it.
  • Free-to-Play: There was an interesting response to whether or not Landmark and EverQuest Next will remain F2P. Terry stated that at the moment they think the games will keep that model, but they're unwilling to commit to saying that's how it will remain by the time it launches. Some more discussion ensued on the topic, basically saying that many monetization models could work for the game. (Personal opinion? Go with B2P, guys!)

Near the end of the stream, there was discussion over a question regarding a final plan for the game. Darrin pointed out that a lot of research and development constantly goes into a product like this, and the discussion was a bit unclear beyond that point from my end. My interpretation of this response, based on the earlier discussion of when Landmark will hit open beta, is that the team only plans the next several months at a time and may not have set in advance solid milestones to hit to say the games are ready to roll into the next phase.

Here's the rest!


  • They'll continue updating the community
  • They'll let us know when they're going to conventions
  • They're still pursuing goals and will keep conversation open with the community on them
  • The devs will put questions up on the forums

Outside Links

  • No changes in the Voxel Farm relationship, "it's great, still going strong"
  • Jeremy Soule doing music still? "Yes! Hasn't changed at all" - Terry

EverQuest Next/Landmark

  • What's being made now is definitely things that can be used in EQNext
  • Landmark and EQNext won't be released at the same time despite being developed together. The releases are not tied together.
  • Pointed out (yet again) that the systems going into Landmark are also going in EQNext, so if you want to help shape them and see them, go check them out in Landmark
  • Will there be player connections between LM & EQN? If you play LM you unlock Adventurer in EQN; they're looking into other options.
  • Will LM or EQN be on consoles? Focused on making the PC version of both games but they really want to see it on consoles.. some challenges to that at the moment but it's something they want to look into in the future.

Landmark Progress/Development

  • Non-builders and builders alike are helpful in testing all of the features and systems in Landmark, so keep giving feedback
  • User generated content is one of the pillars of the game
  • Art and 'large units' for transition to Landmark open beta, new varied islands, new interface changes for prop placement, voxel ownership changes for the marketplace (ie modify Player Studio purchase after placing it), combat updates, achievement additions, itemization, crafting, building and tool improvements, bug fixes and optimizations
  • Status of non-ocean water? Dynamic water is still high on their list of "cool stuff"
  • Movement in combat being adjusted so when you cast your different abilities will react differently
  • Usability fixes, such as targeting; want to make it more precise. More accurate animations. This is to enhance the base system for tactics and gameplay.
  • They want the gameplay to be about risk vs reward, not button mashing
  • UI adjustments? Steve says they want to make it scaleable; stacking hotbars is a design decision, but they don't want players want to rely on tons of hotbars, but they will add customization that will help with gameplay
  • "We want you looking at the world, not the UI."
  • Will there be any changes to darkness in LM? They'd like to make it darker but there's "a lot of hurdles" to overcome; they think it'd add to "the mystery and exploration of the world." Darrin dropped a D&D magic missile in the darkness joke, which I feel compelled to share for anyone who doesn't "get it":

Pouch of Pebbles

  • "Can I have a pony?" They said "sure, but you have to build it."
  • "Can we have milkshakes?" Rosie: "Can you build them in voxels?"

Lightning Round

  • no smaller voxels
  • ocean biome is coming
  • sitting will be in the game, it's being worked on
  • bigger isles depend on seamless zoning tech; in works for EQNext
  • upkeep changes? yes, they want to simplify it
  • hats or helms coming? yes
  • starter templates/player created? yes, when they identify things like that where it makes sense
  • no, you don't need to re-register for EQNext beta
  • yes there will be instances in EQNext and eventually in Landmark
  • EQNext blueprint will be created when it makes sense to have one
  • large humans are bulkier and beefier, broader shoulders, larger presence; character creation choice
  • npcs on claims? yes when that system is done
  • updates to website story/lore/art? yes
  • next ebook? final draft sent today, will be a reward you can get in the next EQ Worlds app update
  • non-fantasy in EQNext? no, it's heroic fantasy
  • new looks for isles? diverse isle shapes, archipelagos, highlands, low lands, more diversity and biomes
  • will continue to have changes to voxel engine? changes are always going in
  • will EQNext have alpha/closed beta/open beta phases? yes, when they're appropriate to have, but they're not promising everyone can get into alpha (may be internal only)

Final Thoughts

  • Rosie: Says hi and thanks for the hard work building, constantly amazed by player's work
  • Michael: Thanks for hanging out, keep eyes peeled for combat and achievement updates
  • Steve: Wants to tell the community about EQN, can't wait until they can reveal (one of them comments on the side that it IS coming this year; I'm unsure if they meant more info is coming or the game itself, though)
  • Terry: Thanks for participating in the game, livestreams, forums and social media. They took a chance with how they ran Landmark as an open process and it's worked out far better than they had hoped. Thanks for making a better game.
  • Darrin: Proud of user generated content and is looking forward to continuing the process and making game with players
  • Emily: Thanks for participation and feedback, the enthusiasm makes it worth coming to work every day.

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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