World of Tanks: Generals - PAX East Recap

We checked out Wargaming's CCG, World of Tanks: Generals, at PAX!

PAX East was an eventful weekend, and while there we caught up with Wargaming to get a look at how their collectible card game (CCG), World of Tanks: Generals, is shaping up.

This upcoming free-to-play title brings World War II warfare to the turn-based card gaming world. Just entering closed beta last week, the PC version of the game is completely browser-based, working best on Chrome but also supported by Firefox, Opera 15 and IE9 or higher. Wargaming anticipates the mobile version to also be available in 2015, which looked pretty solid when they showed off a tablet demo.

While Generals is a different style of gameplay, it still "stays very much within the Wargaming universe, [both] aesthetically and thematically." Taking on the role of one of three factions (US, USSR or Germany), you're not just playing cards, but employing a strategy to move your "pieces" (cards) across the grid board.

On the board, you'll play from left to right (opponent plays right to left), with each side having its own headquarters (HQ). This is your base, and if it dies you lose the game, but your HQ is also functional and can be upgraded with ability cards and attack your opponent. Expend fuel playing your cards; this limits your movements per turn, but you can increase your fuel amount through gameplay. Once your fuel is out, your turn is over and your opponent makes their move.

A lot of your cards will likely be a variety of tanks, artillery, orders or squads. During the demo, Wargaming showed medium tanks moving diagonally and attacking on the grid board. They explained other cards, such as tank destroyers, having a first strike effect, while artillery can fire if they're spotted while adjacent to a tank. There are tech trees, which are similar to how they're setup in World of Tanks.

While World of Tanks: Generals is a collectible card game, it's far from traditional. Wargaming explained that instead of purchasing boosters and just randomly hoping to get the cards you want, instead you can choose to work toward certain cards. The developers believe that "it's a good compromise between the systems we have."

Like any CCG, building and customizing your deck is integral to your gameplay experience. Currently there are over 200 unique cards, which will allow for great variety in a custom deck.

Sign up for the World of Tanks: Generals closed beta now!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor
Lindsay Geektron, Brand Ambassador


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