Film Friday: Eighteen Fresh Flicks (Part Two)

In the second half of Film Friday we enjoy a variety of RPG, indie and MOBA videos.

Eighteen Fresh Flicks (Part Two)

Film Friday continues with part two! In this week's conclusion, watch the latest from Axiom Verge, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, King's Quest, Might & Magic VII, Party Hard, Quarries of Scred, Rise of Incarnates, Skyforge and The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - TV Spot

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is scheduled to launch May 19, 2015. Pre-order now:

Also watch Game of Thrones' Charles Dance perform in TW3 as the ruthless Emperor of Nilfgaard.

King's Quest - "The Vision" Behind the Scenes Trailer

King’s Quest : "The Vision" is the first in what will be a four-part series of diaries showcasing the development of the upcoming adventure game, King’s Quest™. This opening featurette introduces Creative Director Matt Korba and Producer Lindsey Rostal, who leapt at the opportunity to bring the unforgettable storytelling, puzzles and wit of the original games into a new era. Thinking about the future of a franchise with such a storied past, the team chose to begin this new journey at its end, as an aged King Graham takes his granddaughter, Gwendolyn, back through the untold tales of his astounding life.

Skyforge — Gods Gameplay Trailer

Becoming a god is a long and challenging journey. On the path to godhood, you’ll gain newfound strength and learn numerous skills and talents.

We’ve touched on this path in previous articles: how different stats are used to create effective builds, how Orders affect your power and how to achieve divinity. We also revealed some of the events that await you at Skyforge’s high-end. Now, it’s finally time we unveiled more about your Divine Form, the great power brings.

Party Hard: Bearly Partying

The only way to stop a loud nextdoor party is by luring a bear into it. Party Hard is a game about stopping the loud party next door at all costs.

Axiom Verge — Steam Announcement Trailer

Axiom Verge is coming to Steam on May 14th, 2015!

Axiom Verge is an action-platform-exploration game in the tradition of classics like Metroid, Contra, and Master Blaster. In addition to new PC features like Steam Cloud saves and Trading Cards, it boasts over 900 rooms to explore in a massive alien world, monstrous enemies, bosses, and power-ups.

Quarries of Scred Release Trailer

Inspired by early 80’s classics such as Boulderdash as well as modern roguelikes such as Spelunky, Quarries of Scred casts the player as Bob, a horrible human being. Having run up debts through unknown but undoubtedly unsavoury acts, Bob has been forced to work in the titular quarries. Stepping into Bob’s unfortunate shoes, players must dig into the procedural pits to collect ore and gems, taking care to avoid falling rocks or running afoul of the Ranklers and other creatures dwelling in the depths.

Although death lurks around every corner, help is at hand in the form of purchasable tech including lasers and mines. The merchants are not greedy, however, and these will only cost the player most of their hard earned credits to buy.

Might & Magic Heroes VII: Closed Beta Coming in May

All players who pre-order Might & Magic Heroes VII will receive guaranteed access to the closed beta starting May 25, 2015. Choose from the standard, deluxe or collector's editions. The game will be available exclusively on Windows® PC in September 2015.

Might & Magic Heroes VII is developed by Limbic Entertainment, a team of devoted Might & Magic fans, and promises to be the best of the series, respecting its long-standing tradition and introducing new innovative features. Combining a deep fantasy universe with a complete strategic experience, a rich RPG progression and a strong story narrative, Might & Magic® Heroes® VII offers players a more detailed world than ever to explore and conquer, a complex economic system to master and legendary creatures to face in epic battles.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Intro Trailer

Now with a full 3D remake, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years can be played as never before on Steam. Featuring an intro movie by Visual Works, Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards, take part in the epic sequel that unfolds nearly two decades after the events of Final Fantasy IV. Classic characters make their return alongside several new heroes, including Ceodore, son of Cecil and Rosa.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years comes to Steam on May 12th, 2015. Pre-order now to get 10% off!

Rise of Incarnates: Kali Character Trailer

Kali is a woman of two faces. As the young CEO of media giant Vikarāla Corporation, she earned accolades for her considerable work in the post-disaster global reconstruction effort. But behind closed doors, she spearheads the domesticated-human project, a vision of the future in which incarnates reign over the powerless masses.

Rise of Incarnates is a free-to-play action game blending fighting and shooting in a 2v2 battle arena. Feel a rush of power as you awaken latent character abilities and string together combos, all while working strategically with your partner to dominate opponents.


We'll see you next week!

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