WildStar's Latest Content Update Has Invaded Nexus

A new raid, customization features and more await in WildStar's fifth update.

Today Carbine has announced the release of WildStar's fifth content update, called INVASION: Nexus. The update is a response to player feedback to add more fun, engaging content for a variety of playstyles. It offers several new content options and a few customization features.

New content and features include:

  • Bay of Betrayal : An all-new Adventure where players will take on the role of an acolyte Technopath who is tasked with infiltrating the Ascendancy to deal with their leader, Calidor Antevian, once and for all
  • Star-Comm Basin: In this new Post-Cap Playspace, players are tasked by the Caretaker to rescue Star-Comm Basin from invading enemy factions
  • Initialization Core Y-83: A new 20-player raid that doesn't require the completion of an attunement process, with two levels of difficulty and a single boss encounter instance
  • Contracts: The new system provides shorter, repeatable content that can be completed while working toward obtaining high-quality loot
  • Companion Pets: More than 50 to collect, giving a unique sense of style
  • Holo-Wardrobe: Store hundreds of costume combinations that you can change on the fly without wasting inventory space

For more information about the INVASION: Nexus update hop over to the official site!

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