Assassin's Creed Syndicate Revealed

Ubisoft unveiled an Industrial Revolution setting for their upcoming fall release.

Ubisoft held a premiere event this afternoon showing off the latest Assassin's Creed—what was once codenamed Victory, and is officially called Syndicate. The series takes a step toward modern times as it's set around the boroughs of London in 1868. In the Victorian Era during the height of the Industrial Revolution the world is seeing a transition to transportation, an increase in productivity, and a shift to being ruled by science and money, as opposed to kings and religion.

In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate you’ll play as Jacob Frye, an assassin born and bred poised to take over the criminal underworld of London during the Industrial Revolution. Amidst blossoming conflicts between newly crowned kings of industry and the working class they exploit for all they’re worth, Jacob will work in the shadows as he climbs to the top of the criminal underground as the head of one of the city’s most notorious street gangs.

As shown in the reveal, Jacob's arsenal includes a kukri, throwing knives, brass knuckles, revolver and the Assassin's Gauntlet. The combat will be a faster pace compared to previous Assassin's Creed games, and the new traffic system will allow you to jump on vehicles such as trains and carriages, and even snag carriages to drive around the streets.

The City of London is one of seven boroughs that exist in AC Syndicate. During the birth of organized crime here the Templars make a return, but this time around they're a street gang exploiting the lower class citizens. Jacob will gather his own Syndicate gang and go up against them in the slums of the boroughs. While Jacob is determined, rebellious and hot-headed, he will also be joined by his twin sister, Evie, who is a master of stealth and control.

Expect other features such as eagle vision and parkour to make a return. Navigating around the open world will have Jacob using a rope launcher to assist in scaling buildings, ziplining, and performing aerial assassinations. New in Syndicate is the ability to use the environment to kill enemies; an example shown during the reveal was crushing a foe underneath a load of suspended barrels.

"The ability to lead an underground gang, commandeer any vehicle on hand and use modern tools to take on an expansive and fast-paced Victorian London sets this game apart,” said Marc-Alexis Côté, creative director, Ubisoft. “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has been in development for more than two years and this new modern take on the living open world will please Assassin’s Creed fans and newcomers alike.”

Assassin's Creed Sydicate is set for an October 23, 2015 release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (PC comes "Holiday 2015"). It is already available for pre-order in either the Standard ($60) or Gold ($90, includes season pass) editions. There is also a physical Collector's Edition (with a 9" Jacob figurine, season pass and art book) for $120, due out Holiday 2015 for all three platforms.

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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