A Weekend With The Weaponographist

We spent the weekend diving into the dungeon of Hellside as cursed Doug McGrave.

The Weaponographist, a fast-paced hack-and-slash dungeon crawler, released earlier this summer to positive acclaim on Steam. With summer convention mania behind us, we spent the weekend diving deeper into the game to see whether or not demon hunter Doug McGrave could redeem himself.

In this game, you (as Doug McGrave) find yourself cursed due to refusing to help the village of Hellside. Stuck now with being unable to permanently carry anything but the currency of demon goop. With weapons that constantly deteriorate and break inside the dungeon, you find yourself in a constant whirl of action while downing enemies and snagging new weapons, using speed to keep yourself leveled up.

While bumbling around the village, you'll be able to get upgrades that will make your character more effective. A plethora of weapon choices drop from the many enemies you encounter in the dungeon, and while this adds some versatility to your choices, the lack of auto-pickup for weapons when you currently have none in hand is a slight annoyance. During boss fights you will need to keep a close eye on your weapons, ensuring that you take out adds but also down the boss before your arsenal runs dry.

Overall, the gameplay is a fun experience, and is great for jumping in for some fast gaming sessions. Humorous scenes and foes liven up the environment, the controls are easy to understand, and the graphics are clean and appealing. Total time to get through the entire game is likely about 10 hours or less, but with its $10 price on Steam, it's worth the buy for those dungeon crawling fans out there.

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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