Wise Words from a Twitch Partner

ZAM sits down with Molly, a Twitch Partner, at TwitchCon.

Twitch.tv is still new to a lot of people, but it's grown big enough in recent years to support its own convention at San Francisco's Moscone center. ZAM had the rare-but-cherished chance to sit down with a Twitch partner known as Miss Molly Lolly. She shared some insights about TwitchCon, the new convention, and what it takes to be a streamer.


Molly plays a lot of Hearthstone, which features Leeroy Jenkins at times.

ZAM: What do you think of TwitchCon?

Miss Molly Lolly: I think it's really nice, it feels much more intimate. The last one I went to was Pax Prime and it was absolute bonkers there. You don't really have time to sit down and talk like we are or do anything. It's easier to connect with people, especially for streamers and their fans.

How do you think the con might boost spirits for partnership for those who haven't gotten it?

Kind of going back to what I said about connecting with people, networking is huge for people getting off of the ground. Morale-wise too, personally for me, every time I get back from a con, I'm like I'm reading to go, we're gonna stream, it's gonna be great! It gives opportunities to people to do co-streams and share communities, that kind of stuff for unpartnered streamers or partnered streamers. A huge boost.

Do you think that we're seeing a rise in unscripted content? Do you think that's becoming a bigger share of the content market now?

I think Twitch is already huge, livestreaming is all unscripted kind of stuff and it's blowing up. I think people like to see the unfiltered, unscripted stuff. It's more real, entertaining, you never know what you're gonna see. I think it's only going to get bigger. I talked to my mom about Twitch and she started watching it, and something crazy happened, she was able to talk in chat, and she said she gets it now. I feel like it's becoming more socially acceptable.

Do you have any advice for aspiring streamers?

What I always tell people is that first of all you have to find something you enjoy playing and something people enjoy watching. If you're not having a good time, the people in there are not going to have a good time watching you...unless you go like super salty. I think, have fun with what you're doing, be consistent, have a schedule, but if it's not going to be every day, if they come and they see well [this streamer] is not going to be streaming today but they'll be back the next day, they'll think they'll be back the next day and they'll tune in then. That's super important rather than 'Alright, she's gone, we won't watch that anymore.' Also do conventions. I think conventions are so amazing for meeting with people and sharing ideas, having brainstorming sessions with people who are like-minded doing the same thing as you.

ZAM thanks Miss Molly Lolly for her time! Please visit her channel.


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