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Greetings profile reader,

My name is Atratzu Talgala, I have had a ZAM account since the Unified Login with Wowhead. But I never really had a look at what ZAM had to offer. At this point a whole gamer history would be required; suffice to say I've been playing video games since my father let me play the Atari 2600, my experience with online gaming started with World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King, followed by switching to Guild Wars 2, and then to Steam.

Current activities

As of January 2016, I planned to work on video game YouTube reviews, and stream over twitch. [i](I intend to work on both of these for a full year, at least one video review a month, and streaming every weekend possible)[/i] Initially, I had been writing review for fun on steam, and met with some small success, so I decided to try something new in 2016! I would really appropriate getting feedback on my work, my motivation is to get better at all of my graphic design related work, and hopefully entertain and inform people about different games.

Social Media

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Atratzu's Twitch channel - I stream on Weekends 1900-2100 CST (7-11PM CST)
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You made it through my whole profile? Thanks for reading! If you like reading so much, you definitely should check out the various Steam written reviews I've done! They're quite lengthy though.

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Location: Tyria, Kalimdor, Cyrodiil, Hoth, Pandora