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Selyne wasn't really old enough to remember the war twenty years ago. Vague pictures of her first memories did tell her how busy everyone was. And how far they traveled. Her family was from the bustling industrial capitol city of Bastok. Yet, her home had always been in the Elvaan Kingdom of San d'Oria. Raised in their customs and ways, she was still never really accepted as one of them. When she came of age, her father revealed his disgust for their former home. He felt that Bastok was a city of selfish capitalism, corrupted by rich Presidential employees and poor mine-slaving Galkas. San d'Oria was an ancient city of proud Elvaan warriors who would keep them safe from the beastmen in the dark war, and their shrines to the Goddess would offer comfort in the harsh times. Selyne's curiousity overwhelmed her, urging her to travel to her family's homeland. She had also secretly yearned to visit the land of Windurst with its Ministry of Magick. She had found herself becoming adept at using healing magicks, and wanted to learn more about them and herself. Perhaps using them to help others in the fight against the beastmen is what the Goddess had intended for her...

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