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Psyo is one of the last monks of a lost brotherhood, the Swiftfists, who when in better times inhabited a temple of Quellious, dubbed Befallen in more recent times, which they themselves had found abandoned and renovated it. This temple was invaded by the Drow, destroyed, and desecrated hundreds of years past, causing the few surviving monks to flee to the newly founded city of Freeport. There they continued their order in peace, beside the newly established guild of the Ashen Order, until poisonings and sickness caused by notorious necromancers of Bertoxxulous, killed most of the Swiftfist order. Psyo was among the three that survived. The other two went east across the ocean to live with elves. Psyo on the other hand, vowed to bring these men to justice and went eastward. The task has been widened over time to not only the servants, but to the god himself and all others who would dare destroy the tranquility of the realms. Psyo has recently allied himself with the Whistling Fists and now ventures to atone his body to perfection in order to meet his goals.