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EQ: For a Druid --> <br> 1-14 Newbie Zone (Everything) <br> 14-22 Paludal (Bandit Camps) <br> 22-34 Unrest (On 2nd floor skellys and ghouls) <br> 34-41 Iceclad (Dire Wolves) <br> 41-45 Oasis (Spectres) <br> 45-50 Timorous Deep (Spirocs) <br> 50-52 Cobalt Scar <br> 52-57 POD (Flies) <br> 57-59 PON (Stalkers) <br> 59-62 POV (Any camp) <br> 62-65 POS (Forest Frogs) For Bard <br> 1-14 Use gnoll fangs from BB to do exp quest (or can use belts from CB) <br> 14-22 Group in PC <br> 22-27 Kite in South Karana (paw gnolls) <br> 27-35 Kite Cougars in IC