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My job is MNK, but I've also been confused for a WHM, WAR, THF, DRG, BLM, BST, RDM, BRD, and SMN. I take time off of MNK to play other jobs. Partly because I enjoy these jobs and partly so I can learn more about them. Knowing what exactly a WHM can do and should do in a pt puts me in more control of my xp. Being able to suggest changes that a THF or BRD should do to make the xp more or the pt run smoother is always a plus. Besides adding to the xp I'm also adding to these players' skills. Teaching players how to do a job better (myself included) will only help my FFXI experience. I eventually also hope to take leathercrafting up to 100. Currently I have 6 crafts at 60 and two at 3. I am lvl'ing these so that I can make my own gear and so that I have them lvl'd as subcrafts for my leather. I don't mind helping out people off and on, but I don't want them to expect it. I solo most quests/missions if I can so I won't have to ask for help (for instance I've solo'd MNK AF2, THF AF1, WAR AF1). I'll craft anything that I'm able for friends for free or relatively cheap. For people I don't know I'll craft for a moderate fee. I'm against PL's, wearing outdated gear, and underlvl'd or completely wrong subjobs. If I see these things and I'm in a position to do something about them I will (for instance if I'm pt leader and you are a WHM30/THF7 I will not invite you no matter how desperate we are for a WHM). I play FFXI for enjoyment and I gain enjoyment from skill. My skill, your skill, and the skill of the pt as a whole.