A Guide to Duskwood (WoW)  

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A Guide to Duskwood

This guide is meant to be the shortcutter's quick route through Duskwood. Duskwood is a great zone to make several levels really quickly, and it can be even quicker if you plan carefully. This guide is written with the assumption you will *mostly* solo, and as such it is recommended you start the zone at level 24. Earlier than that proves difficult and much later than that makes the quests go gray. The quests are easier when grouped, granted, but I advise that you work with no more than one other person, except when noted or when it's convenient on a kill quest, for experience purposes.

The zone has creatures ranging from level 20-30, mostly, and has a long horizontal road starting from Westfall most of the way to the eastern edge where the town, Darkshire is. The road goes north from there to the edge of Elwynn Forest, and hooks back east to go into Redridge Mountains. The center of the zone is a large, currently unused Night Elf shrine area. To the west of it is Raven Hill Cemetery, to the south are a few farms and the ogre mound, to the east is Darkshire and environs, and the north shoreline is where all the spiders and wolves hide.

Phase 1 - quest collection

Enter from Redridge Mountains. Get the Four-legged Menaces quest on your way to town. Check every building there and get every quest available. Set your hearthstone to the inn in Darkshire and get the griffin point. Then proceed down the road to the west and follow it to Raven Hill, stopping at the watcher camp on the left side long enough to get the Eight-legged Menaces quest. Talk to Jitters, and then go to the western bank and follow it north until you find Sven and Lars. After getting their quests, come east across the northern edge of the cemetery and onward until you see Abercrombie (the hermit). Get his quest and gate back to town.

Phase 1 quests completed

(minor quests) Raven Hill, Jitters' Growling Gut, Supplies From Darkshire

Phase 2 - Spiders and Wolves

Check your quest log for any quests that involve talking to someone there. Resolve those, and if someone is selling a bronze tube, buy that for Look to the Stars, assuming you aren't an engineer. You should have an abundance of quests involving wolves and spiders right now. Go north out of town to the river that separates Duskwood from Elwynn. Patrol it, all the way from there to the bridge in Westfall, slightly away from the bank, for spiders and wolves that help you finish your quests. Namely, you should finish the following quests: Dusky Crab Cakes, Eight-legged Menaces, Four-legged Menaces, Seasoned Wolf Kabobs (wolf flanks only), The Totem of Infliction (vials of spider venom), and Wolves at Our Heels.

When you finish the starving wolves, you should eventually pass by Lars and be able to turn in. Cross back to the northeast and finish the rabid wolves quest, and then return to town for Dusky Crab Cakes. Recheck all of town, as there may be some quests that weren't showing before.

Phase 2 quests completed

Phase 3 - Blind Mary and Tranquil Gardens

If you didn't get that bronze tube before, you must get it now. You'll note that you have two quests to visit a ghost named Blind Mary. Sounds like a good place to start. Go south out of town, but take the small path through the graveyard rather than continuing west. The path leads you to Tranquil Gardens Cemetery, where you find the objectives for another quest - how convenient. Hang around here and kill the skeletons you need for The Night Watch, and go back to town. Get the second part, and return. There are a bunch of the Horrors you need for the second phase here too, but continue past the Gardens to the north, and you'll find a house by itself with Skeletal Horrors abound as well. While killing them, enter the house and talk to Blind Mary. She'll give you the hair you need, but the mirror is in the cemetery. Go back up there and kill the Insane Ghoul inside the chapel. Once you finish the Horrors portion of The Night Watch 2, go back to town and do your hand-ins.

Phase 3 quests completed

Phase 4 - Sven and Stalvan, part 1

The town clerk asks you to go to Moonbrook, which is a pretty long hike from where you are, but you have some errands you can do along the way while you get this quest out of the way.

The first thing you should do is find a friend or two and locate the Yorgen Farmstead on the south of zone, between the Rotting Orchard and the ogre mound. Sneak around the back from the west *carefully*, and fight a few mobs as you clear your way to the dirt mound in the back. This can be difficult, and is not good to do solo because its easy to get four or more creatures. Search the mound and head back to the road. Talk to the watchers to finish Eight-Legged Menaces, and then go to Sven in the northwest corner. After Sven, visit the hermit on the east side of the cemetery and get his next errand. Run back to the bridge to Westfall, and follow the road out to Moonbrook. Enter the northwest-most building, and search the chest on the ground in the last room. Use your hearthstone to return to Darkshire, and clean up.

Phase 4 quests completed

Phase 5 - A Trip to Elwynn

Take the griyphon to Stormwind. You have some errands to tidy up there. The first thing you should do is report to the inn in Goldshire, and check the chest on the second floor. Then go back and deliver them to a man in the canals between the mage district and the garden. Next you need the Stormwind Seasonings from the flower shop in the canals between the trade district and old town. Then you need to go to the cathedral and find Brother Anton for a new quest. Finally you need to train - you've probably earned a new ability level by now.

Optionally, you could also do the Stockade quest to kill Dextren Ward. There are four easily-found quests for the Stockades - one from Darkshire, one from Lakeridge, one from Old Town, and one from the Stockade entrance. There are at least two others, one from Wetlands and one from the letter on Van Cleef's body.

On your way out of town, finish the last phase for Stalvan, which is to travel to the Eastvale Logging company on the far side of Elwynn Forest. Talk to the guy in front of the east-most building, check the chest upstairs, and talk to him again. After that it's time to return to town. Once you wrap up things in town, you can now at a time of your choosing join a group to kill Stalvan himself.

Phase 5 quests


You've done all the kiddie stuff, and completed one of the three major quest lines in the zone. Hopefully by now you've gained at least two levels, three if you stopped to do all the Stockade quests, and we haven't even hit the meat and potatoes of the zone yet.

Your quest log probably looks something like this by now: Ambushed in the Forest, Look to the Stars 4, Finding the Shadowy Figure, Gather Rot Blossoms, The Night Watch 2 (half-completed), The Totem of Infliction (partly done), Worgen in the Woods, and the quest from Stormwind, Down the Scarlet Path. Two of those quests are in the Rotting Orchard. Phase 6 addresses those, although phase 6 can be done at any time. ALL of the rest of the quests, save one, directly center around Raven Hill and the skeletons there. That is phase 7.

Phase 6 - Worgen in the Woods

This phase will be HARD unless you are at least level 28, so bring some friends to get these out of the way. The Rotting Orchard is down the road from Darkshire, off the first path past the graveyard. The shadow weavers are largely along the road as it sweeps in front of the buildings, but kill them however you can, with one minor point: as you first enter the area, before the first building on the left, there is a wagon. Next to the wagon is a chest. Inside the chest is the item for Ambushed in the Forest. Get that, and go back to town; return to kill the Dark Runners. You can find them in pockets further away from the road, out in the orchard.

The final step to Worgen is in the mine next to Tranquil Gardens. There IS a cave in the back of the orchard with the right creatures, but DON'T use it as the spawns there are horrible. Take the path by the graveyard toward Tranquil Gardens, but swing wide to the right (west) and approach the mine. The Tainted Ones all spawn outside, and exactly the number of Vile Fangs you need spawn inside. These mobs are level 30 and you won't always get just one. Do not assume you can solo this quest. (There is an Ashenvale quest that finishes in the back of this mine also, if you happened to have worked on that.)

Phase 6 quests

Phase 7 - The Joy That is Raven Hill

Go talk to Jitters. Go talk to Sven. Now return to the front of the cemetery and kill Skeletal Fiends. You have *four* quests to complete by killing these: the Night Watch, Gather Rot Blossoms, and possibly Down the Scarlet Path and The Totem of Infliction. Make sure you finish the first two before proceeding north to where the crypt with the Skeletal Raiders are for Sven's quest, Proving Your Worth. By the time you finish that, you should have your eyes for the Scarlet Path, and you should have had the fingers for the totem long ago. Return to Sven, and then find the lone gravestone outside the gates on the north side that looks like a sword, which will give you a quest if you are at least level 28. Come back to town to complete what is finished, and return.

On your second pass, start by giving Abercrombie his zombie juice. Now try to join a group for The Night Watch 3. The Plague Spreaders all hang around and inside the crypt at the north-central part of Raven Hill, amidst all the other ghouls. Get your Plague Spreader kills, and get the last of your fangs and ribs off any ghoul if you aren't done by then. Give the ribs to Abercrombie, and finish the circuit by killing Mor'Ladim outside the west crypt. Then start heading to Stormwind.

Phase 7 quests

Phase 8 - Stormwind

It's time to go back to the big city. Go to the cathedral to talk to Brother Anton about his eyeballs and to Bishop Farthing about Sven. While you're there, pick up the other quests in the cathedral. One is a five-second talk to a guy in Ironforge to point you to Gnomeregan. The other is from the altar boy and it is called the Missing Diplomat. It's a very long quest, but you may as well start it now, since you're going to the keep where Bishop Delavey is anyway. At some point, you probably got a book to drop that starts a quest, and that quest is in the library at the keep, located between the dwarven district and old town. The library is in a side hallway off the left that is easy to miss if you aren't looking for it. The bishop is in one of the rooms at the top.

DeLavey sends you to a man in the entrance area to Stormwind, down the left side immediately before the outer gates. He in turn sends you to Elias Triang, who is in the second building in Stormwind as you enter, on the right side. The master of cheese will send you to talk to one of the watchers in Duskwood. Now you can go back to town to do your turn-ins, and find Watcher Backus along the road to Redridge.

Phase 8 quests

Phase 9 - The Beginning of the End

Watcher Backus asks you to locate the Defias Docket from Addle's Stead, which is the southwest-most landmark in Duskwood. Along the way, stop at the ogre mound. You have two quests to complete here - one to loot an item just outside the entrance to the hole, and one to kill a boss ogre inside it. Pass through town on the return trip to Backus, who sends you back to Triang. Elias sends you to talk to some dope in the middle of Old Town who attacks you. Beat him down, find out what you need, and report back. You get sent to Menethil Harbor after that, which happens to be where Bishop Farthing asked you to go.

Both of your contacts in Menethil are in the inn. For Diplomat, talk to him, immediately go outside and beat up Slim, and then talk to each of those twp people again. The quest goes to Dustwallow from here, so we don't care.

Glorin Steelbrow tells you to check the wreckage of a ship right outside the harbor. It's guarded by murlocs, and after you check the chest, you have to kill the fish until you get the ingots you need. Return to Stormwind to talk to Grimand Elmoire, and the stage is set for the finale.

Phase 9 quests

Phase 10 - Morbent and the Bride

Go to Abercrombie with his crate. He'll give you a note for the mayor. Go back to town and run around some, until you find out what dastardly deed you've done for the hermit.

Now get yourself a group. A good one.

Go talk to Sven. He tells you that it's time to kill Morbent Fel. MF is in the only house on the grounds of the cemetery, where the air gets all hazy, right on the northwest corner. You know the place.

Take your group storming into the house to attack Morbent. The item you got from Grimand should lower his health quite a bit when you use it. While your group is collecting their reward from Sven, tell them you need help with the Bride too, and that it will only take two minutes. Right behind Abercrombie is a shallow grave. With your group watching, search the grave. If it isn't bugged, Eliza will spawn along with two bodyguards. Kill her and loot her.

Congratulations, you've just completed Duskwood. In silent memorium on the way back to town, visit Morgan Ladimore's grave and leave his daughter's ring there. Then go collect your reward from the mayor.

Phase 10 quests

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