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So in between my Panels and horrible attempts at photography, I took time out to meet and greet many of your fellow players during Blizzcon. I found that the majority of my meetings took place outside, near the coffee houses and benches. Something about coffee and sunshine seems to bring out the chattiness of all players. Even moreso when they get to talk about their favorite subject...WoW!

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Player Meet N Greets

When I first arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see the sheer numbers of Blizzard fans all patiently waiting for their turn to enter and claim their swag bags and registration passes.

AIE Guildies

As I headed towards the doors, ready to take my place amongst the masses, I happened to run across a small group of three with a distinctive horde banner waiting til the crowds thinned out a little bit.

When I approached them and introduced myself, I was greeted with a cheer of "For the Horde" from them. After talking with them for a few minutes, it became even more clear that they were definite hardcore Horde players from the AIE guild on The Earthen Ring server. The banner was homemade with their guild standard plainly visible. Very nice bunch of folks.

Tonks from Silverhand

Day 1 of Blizzcon 2008 was beyond crazy. Between the panels and oohing and aahing (yeah, I was that floored by the layout this year), I happened to see my first Draenei who wasn't trying to kill me. This nice young lady, who goes by the name of "Tonks", plays a Gnome Mage over on Silverhand.

Tonks has been a long time WoW player, starting way back when the original game was still in beta and is currently in the guild Primal Ruin. She wanted to thank her friend Debbie, who made her incredible outfit. She came dressed as a female Draenei, complete with a prehensile tail (not shown) that she made herself. This was a very nicely done outfit and she was a really sweet girl to take time out from Blizzcon to let me get some background info on her.

Yuuko and Friends

Soon after meeting the folks from the AIE guild, I happened to spy two other folks also in costume. As I sauntered over and introduced myself. In the course of our chatting, I found that these three folks all hailed from the Ravenholdt and Lightbringer servers and are in two very popular guilds over there.

The Blueberry Muffins

These two characters had the most amusing tabard I have seen so far and I just had to get a picture. While they didn't have a lot of time to stand and chat, they did tell me their guild is called "The Blueberry Muffins" and they hail from EU. I have to say that, even for an event like Blizzcon, it took some real guts to wear that tabard in shorts...


I have to say that the two ladies and their guildies I met from this guild were, hands down, some of my favorites. Unfortunately, i borked my pictures (mostly cause I suck as a photog) but they were all really talkative and eager to share their guild info with me.

The two ladies were a red and purple demoness and man were they smokin'! They all hailed from the Lightninghoof server and the guild Sublime. During my attempts at photographing these two awesome costumes, complete with colored contacts and skin tight leggings, I had occasioon to meet the guild leader and several others of his team.

One thing these awesome players asked me to do is post a shout out for a few classes they need to fill their ranks a bit. While we don't normally do that, I figured we can make an exception for Blizzcon :)

So, the folks over at Sublime are looking to add a T6 geared Resto Shaman and Druid to their ranks. Check out their site linked here for more details.

And, a huge thank you to the guild leader Rhowan; Moonmaster, who does a neat little add on over at Lightning Hoof and the rest of the crew, especially the two lovely ladies who let us attempt to take their picture :)

Shadow Song Represent!

I took a small break on Saturday and happened to run into some Alliance players from my old server, Shadowsong. As I sat and chatted with them, I came to find out they were a married couple who were in totally different guilds. The husband plays a level 70 Paladin named Hetfield and is in the guild MoopMoop. His wife plays a Combat Specced Night Elf Rogue (the bane of my hunter) named Stellaluna and is a proud member of the Final Execution guild there.

I found in my chatting with them that they are an extremely nice couple and have been playing wow since launch, so about 3 years. They have been on Shadowsong from day one and probably were the cause of my characters' death at least once over there ages ago :)

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